New Research Reveals Pivotal Role Of Training In Data Management Project Success

As Technology Advances Outstrip IT Skills, a Little Extra Training Delivers Vastly Disproportionate Benefits

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., January 06, 2011 -  News Facts:
  • Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software, today announced the availability of a new Informatica-sponsored white paper by IDC that quantifies the transformational power of even “modest investments” in training to IT performance and data management project success.
  • Entitled Training Improves Project Success in Data Management, the IDC white paper observes that emerging information management needs require “a higher level of data integration capabilities and better data quality,” but that data management projects “are compromised because team skill often lags the technology improvements.”
  • IDC concludes that “with modest investments in organizational skill and training – as little as 24 hours per team member – organizations can perform data management projects at the highest level.”
  • According to IDC's research, additional formal training yields disproportionately large results across a range of key data management project types including:
    • Master data management, where top performing project teams averaged 24 hours of effective training, compared to 21 hours for the lowest performing quartile. The 20% increase in training “correlated to performance at the highest levels and represents an increase of 70 to 80% in some key performance metrics.”
    • Data quality, where top teams averaged 24 hours of training, compared to 16 hours for the lowest performing. Consequently, the highest trained teams “performed key activities an average of 50 to 90% more often than the least well-trained teams.”
    • Data integration, where top teams averaged 34 hours of training, or 50% more than the lowest performing quartile. The extra training “resulted in doubling or sometimes quadrupling the performance on significant measures.”
  • Noting that training increases do not have to be “massive or expensive, ” the report provides evidence that investing between 8 to 10% of a project’s budget on training can result in a project meeting its significant objectives between 85 to 100% of the time. As up to 40% of all data management projects currently fail to meet their full objectives, an adequate investment in training is thus a quantifiable way to help ensure success.
  • Informatica Global Education Services provides an extensive curriculum of customer enablement courses to help drive customer success across data integration, data quality and master data management projects leveraging the Informatica Platform.

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  • “Ultimately, IT managers and their executives make technology decisions that they believe add to their organizational performance at a reasonable cost,” said Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Project-Based Services, IDC. “Research demonstrates that improving team skill has a significant impact on the success of those strategies and can measurably improve the performance of data management teams. This research shows that for master data management, data quality, and data integration initiatives, effective training improves performance on significant business metrics and results in increased value of data management projects.”  
  • “IDC’s research reveals the dramatic multiplying effect of training when it comes to today’s complex data management projects,” said Chris Boorman, CMO and senior vice president, Education and Enablement, Informatica. “There is immense pressure on IT to deliver on compliance, corporate governance, business intelligence and other strategic initiatives, all of which require making the most out of available skilled resources. Informatica believes that customer enablement and skill building are integral to our being the independent leader in data integration and we are committed to helping customers realize the full value of their Informatica implementations.”

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