Informatica Partners

PARC - General Questions

My company has been acquired. Who can I contact to help move my profile under my new employer?

Please contact partners@informatica.com for assistance

I am an active Partner. How do I get access to PARC?

Contact your Partner Portal Admin who can provision your account. If you do not know who your Portal Admin is for your company, please send an email to partners@informatica.com

I registered for Informatica portal but do not have PARC access.?

Please note that Informatica Network and PARC require two separate registrations. If you registered for Informatica Network this does not give you access to PARC. To gain access to PARC contact your Partner Portal Admin who can provision your account. If you do not know who your Portal Admin is, please send an email to partners@informatica.com.

I am getting an error “You do not have permission to view this content".

Please note that informatica network and PARC have separate registration processes. If you do not have a PARC account, contact your Partner Portal Admin who can provision your account.

Your PARC account most likely had a lower permission set that restricts you from reaching this section, contact your Portal Admin to assign a higher permission partner role.

The error “There was a problem submitting the form”

The error “There was a problem submitting the form” is mostly due to an incorrect username and password combination. Close all browser windows and open a fresh one to login. PARC was tested with various browsers, but we recommend using Chrome. A password reset may resolve the problem if this does not help.

The Error “Informatica Passport Portal is no longer available.”

Contact loginhelp@informatica.com

I am having trouble resetting my password for PARC. Who can help?

For any trouble accessing PARC, please contact partners@informatica.com.

How do I add/remove new users to PARC?

Your Partner Portal Admin can add users to PARC. To have users deactivated please send a list to partners@informatica.com with full names and email addresses.

How can I change my company details, such as new corporate address, telephone number, or corporate email domain on PARC?

For any changes to your company profile, please send your request to partners@informatica.com.

PARC - Reseller Questions

Can I sell into Informatica Enterprise Accounts?

Partners reselling into Enterprise Accounts would be required to work closely with the Informatica field sales Team.

Do I need to register all of my deals?

Yes – deal registration is required for every resell transaction and is the gateway to receiving financial incentives.

If I register a deal, will my opportunity be “protected”?

Yes, on condition that the deal is actively managed and progressed. We will not allow another partner to register the same opportunity for 120 days after first registration. If deal does not progress – demonstrated by activity in the deal registration and opportunity – other Partners may be entitled to engage with the prospect.

Will I get paid anything if I register a deal but customer in the end decides to go direct or with another partner?

Informatica will review situations in which a Partner who initiated a resell opportunity is displaced. When it determined that the initiating Partner played a material role in creating the resell opportunity, a rebate fee of up to 5% will be paid, capped at $10K. The PO from VAD will be used to calculate rebate fee.

Will there be a Specials Bid Process?

Yes, we have a process in place if you need to discount in addition to standard discounts.

When will I get paid my rebates?

Approximately 45 days after the Informatica fiscal quarter ends. The Informatica financial year runs from 1 January through 31 December.

How long do I have to get authorized and certified in the new program?

We will give all Partners 45 days to complete both Sales and Presales Training and become accredited. You may resell during this time-window but will be expected to achieve your accreditations in accordance with the program guidelines and have a current signed AIR agreement. If you do not achieve these metrics – program benefits will be withheld.

What advantages do we have with using a Distributor?

  • They will provide many key services to Resellers including:
  • Financing and credit services
  • Configuration-Pricing-Quoting (CPQ)
  • Training and Enablement Monitoring and Tracking Renewals
  • Providing and/or managing Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • Reporting