As data has grown more complex, your dreams have grown more complex, and Informatica has evolved with you. We continue to empower data-driven disruptors to make possible what never existed before—today, tomorrow, and into the future.  

For over 20 years, we have helped organizations overcome market disruptions, grow, and thrive by fueling data innovation.

During the Data 1.0 era, we helped you thrive by defining the ETL (extract transform load) market and leading in data integration.

During the Data 2.0 era (the last 15-20 years), we supported your growth with new capabilities such as data quality, master data management, cloud data integration, data security, and data archiving.

We are now entering a new generational market disruption.

c09-chart3-datapowers-transformation-small Generational Market Disruption in Data

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Data 3.0 signals the next generation of data. You will need to capitalize on these major trends to intelligently disrupt your industry.

in Data Volume

15.3 zettabytes in global
data center traffic in 2020
(Source: Cisco)

New Data

More than 24 billion
connected devices by 2020
(Source: Business Insider)

Data in
the Cloud

92% of data center traffic
will come from the Cloud in 2020
(Source: Cisco)

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