Cloud Application Integration

Integrate cloud and on-premises applications in real time, without writing a line of code.

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Capitalize on easy-to-use API and service-oriented application integration capabilities embedded in Informatica Cloud iPaaS and the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent, including capabilities for event processing, service orchestration, and process.


API and service-oriented application integration 

Informatica Cloud Application Integration provides a unified development environment and a breadth of functionality that guarantees superior ease of use, including a forms-based Service Connector tool that integrates any API with ease, advanced orchestration design capabilities, and ease of deployment.

Unlike traditional ESB-based solutions, the Informatica CAI service manages the state of orchestrations and business processes for you—system-to-system interactions, be they synchronous, asynchronous, long or short-running—making it easier to define and operate sophisticated and truly reliable business processes and integrations that give you a competitive advantage.   

Clicks instead of code for savvy business users

Power users can visually create integration processes by simply pointing and clicking to quickly create process flows without the need for time-consuming and expensive manual coding—or developers themselves.

Combine real-time data from SaaS applications with on-premises data sources, even if they reside behind corporate firewalls. Rapidly deliver new processes such as opportunity to order, discount approval, service call routing, quote generation, or new hire onboarding with data that is always available and instantly updatable.


API-based integration

Integrate REST XML/JSON and SOAP services with a Service Connector created easily by importing a Swagger or a WSDL API interface document. Alternatively, simply use our form-based service connector editor.

REST XML, JSON Services, and SOAP Services are supported. Authentication capabilities include: Basic Authentication (pre-emptive and non-pre-emptive), OAuth, Username Token, X.509 Token, and SAML Token OASIS-compliant profiles. Supports SOAP body encryption and digital signatures.

MOM-based integration

Natively integrate with message-oriented middleware (MOM)-based systems, exposing services to MOM consumers and consuming services of MOM providers. Queue and topic semantics are fully supported with JMS and AMQP.

JMS support includes:IBM MQ Series, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss MQ, JBoss Messaging, ActiveMQ. AMQP 1.0 interoperability is available with a variety of providers, including ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, and Microsoft Azure Messaging.


Execution engine: Process Server

A runtime and management environment that scales to meet the needs of the cloud and enterprises of any size, Process Server ensures business continuity and can be deployed as a cluster in failover mode to ensure high availability. Its multi-tenant architecture lets each organization (or tenant) share hardware and software resource.

It offers the same capabilities and scalability available on the Process Server running on an Informatica Cloud Secure Agent. 


Cross-functional efficiency for developers

Developers wanting to use Eclipse for cross-functional projects can use Process Developer to easily create business process applications within the same development environment they use for other purposes.

It exposes the full power of BPMN, enabling designers fine-grained control over execution semantics. Its wizard-based packaging and deployment lets developers execute orchestrations and updates to Informatica Cloud’s or the Secure Agent’s Process Servers. Orchestrations built with Process Developer and Process Designer are interoperable.


Monitoring, debugging, and exception management

Process Console monitors the execution of process instances and take corrective actions and perform root cause analysis if a process exception occurs. Process rewind—a process exception management feature—lets you visually rewind to a specific activity and redo the work without having to invoke any of the built-in compensation logic, giving organizations unprecedented flexibility in managing and running in-flight processes.

Reporting and monitoring

Informatica Discovery IQ (IDIQ) is an innovative cloud-based enterprise-grade solution that lets you easily manage, monitor, and trouble-shoot your integration processes running in Informatica Cloud. Observe trends through access usage reports and analytics.


Customer Success Stories


AppDynamics wanted to evolve to where it could govern the entire application lifecycle and give businesses actionable insights for better decision-making.

Education Elements

A personalized learning platform.


Leading business continuity solutions provider uses Informatica Cloud to share relevant and trustworthy Salesforce.com information in real-time.

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