Address Verification

Make sure address data is accurate so that every package gets delivered and every customer is happy.


For 240+ countries and territories, ensure your packages arrive, no matter where your customers are located or in what language their addresses are written.


Worldwide address verification

Informatica’s Address Verification is the only service that combines postal certifications in one engine from all six global postal organizations: USPS, Canada Post, La Poste in France, New Zealand Post, Australia Post, and Eircode in Ireland. It’s able to parse, analyze, verify, correct, and format addresses according to local postal standards—ensuring that correct elements appear in the appropriate hierarchical alignment. Only with the right address format can you be sure a mailing gets to its addressee.

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Up-to-date reference data for 240+ countries

Part of doing business worldwide is making sure your customer address database contains properly formatted and accurate international address information. Without it, your marketing data, package delivery, and business correspondence will be ineffective. Our unique software compares your addresses with a reference database currently covering more than 240 countries and territories and comprehensively updated more than 600 times each year. The most reliable and official suppliers and experts worldwide always keep it current. 

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Transliteration and character set mapping

When your addresses are recorded in a foreign writing system, you’ll need them transliterated accurately. Address Verification supports 40 different character sets and transliterates addresses into Latin characters from six different writing systems: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese Pinyin, and Korean. Addresses can be automatically transliterated from one system to another. The reference data also contains special characters, as well as locality and street names, in different languages.

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Key Features

Address Verification based on Address Doctor is the world’s leading solution for certified international address validation, correction, and standardization.

Easy Integration

It’s easy to integrate Informatica Address Verification into any application, so you don’t have to learn or manage a new system.

Enriched Data

You can enrich your address data with geocodes, demographic, lifestyle, and socio-economic data.

Certified Verification

Let’s you gain mailing discounts when validating addresses in certified mode from specific countries.

Auto Complete

With Informatica’s QuickCapture technology, addresses are automatically completed with just a few keystrokes.


Data Cleansing Applications

Data Quality Center

Self-service address checking lets you correct international address data at any time.

CRM Connector

Automatically checks and corrects addresses in your CRM system using a secure SOAP interface.

Customer Success Stories

Western Union

Western Union built a data platform based on Hadoop and Informatica Big Data Edition


JLL Delivers Marketing Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Partner Program

More than 60 worldwide partners integrate our Address Verification technology into their own application software or are resellers of the service.