B2B Data Exchange for Data Aggregators

Enable data aggregation services to provide efficient and reliable data delivery

When it comes to collecting data on behalf of customers from their channel partners or other information services, you have to be prepared for anything.  Some will have automated data exchange capabilities but most will not—going to a web page and pulling data is not uncommon. Your ability to automate data collection quickly and provide reliable and efficient data delivery to your customers is your competitive advantage. With Informatica Data Exchange for Data Aggregators, you can automate the collection of more data types that you thought possible, add new data sources five times faster than hand coding, and provide quality-assured data to your customers.  Here’s how.

Collect data from any source

Connect to data sources using a robust set of communication protocols, including web services, to automate data retrieval in either real time or according to a pre-set schedule.  Once you have the data, a point-and-click interface creates data transformations for virtually any format, complexity, or size: complex XML, JSON, industry formats (SWIFT, HL7, or EDI X12, for example), unstructured documents, even legacy data formats like COBOL copybooks.

Add new data sources five times faster

Imagine configuration and reuse with no more custom coding. Through a business-friendly user interface, business analysts—not developers—add and configure new data sources, dramatically improving onboarding time and time to information.

Visibility to data collected and delivered

Business operators have end-to-end visibility to all inbound and outbound data flows. “Always on” monitoring and notifications ensure you know about problems and resolve them before they impact your customer. Dashboards measure key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can identify problem areas or trends for performance improvement.

Quality assured data exchange

Acquiring data is one thing but ensuring it can be consumed by your downstream applications without staging or additional manipulation can give you the competitive edge on time to information. With built-in data quality validations and the ability to leverage Informatica Data Quality business rules, you ensure you are working with clean data. When the final results are delivered to your customer, the data is timely, complete, and accurate.