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Informatica Wins Databricks Data Integration
Partner of the Year 2024

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Informatica Announces New Product Innovations and Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Blueprint for Databricks

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Accelerate Data Pipelines for AI and Analytics at scale with Informatica and Databricks

Uncover meaningful insights from all your data, analytics, and AI at scale by accelerating your data engineering pipeline development on Databricks and governing your Delta Lakehouse all with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

"One of the world's top 10 pharmaceutical companies, Takeda is leveraging Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud, and Databricks to deliver breakthrough therapies with faster analytics while significantly lowering costs"

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Trust your data, trust your analytics

Building End-to-End Intelligent Data Pipelines for AI & ML Projects

Informatica and Databricks partnered to provide a scalable data and machine learning solution with faster data discovery, ingestion, and preparation that accelerates development and increases model accuracy

Advanced data ingestion and integration capabilities for Databricks Delta Lake

Data analysts and data scientists can move large amounts of data into Databricks Delta Lake for AI, machine learning, and data science projects.

Data Quality for Databricks Delta Lake

Informatica Cloud Data Quality for Databricks Delta Lake creates a true data-driven environment that delivers cloud benefits to your business through faster migrations as well as trusted insights from your cloud data warehouses, data lakes and SaaS applications.

Data Governance for Databricks Delta Lake

Data democratization requires trust, which is achieved only through enterprise data governance. Informatica has a comprehensive product portfolio that is deeply aligned with Databricks, designed to help enterprises deliver data that is consistent, trusted and governed. Further, it empowers organization in managing and protecting data assets in accordance with enterprise data policies as well as regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Informatica + Databricks helps businesses to uncover meaningful insights using AI and machine learning at scale.

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