2023 Forrester Master Data Management Wave: Informatica Recognized as a Leader

Informatica’s AI-Assisted MDM Provides Faster Time to Value for Both Standard and Advanced MDM Deployments

Last Published: Sep 11, 2023 |
Manouj Tahiliani
Manouj Tahiliani

SVP and GM, MDM & 360 Applications

We are thrilled to share that Informatica has been recognized as a leader in the recently released report, The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023. The master data management (MDM) market is crowded. Of fifteen vendors evaluated, Informatica achieved the highest score of any vendor in the Current Offering category.

The fifteen evaluation criteria where Informatica earned the highest possible rating of 5 — the most of any single vendor — are matching, linking, and entity resolution; data integration; customer 360 domain; multidomain; business templates; deployment; time to value; data quality; data context; and data governance. We also scored the highest possible in the criteria of vision, innovation, partner ecosystem, product revenue and number of customers.

As an innovator in MDM for more than two decades, this recognition in the Forrester Wave is further validation for us of our undisputed industry leadership. Read on to learn more about what Informatica Intelligent MDM and 360 applications can offer for your success. 

A Superior Vision: All-in-One MDM for Every Digital Transformation and AI Initiative

During our 25+ years in the industry, we've seen new technologies, changing consumer attitudes, new rules and regulations, and major events around the world cause entire industries to rapidly shift direction and business operations disrupted. The organizations that survive are the ones that move quickly and effectively by using trusted data to guide their decisions.

Enabling you to rely on your data is the sweet spot for Informatica Intelligent MDM. Multidomain MDM helps stakeholders access trustworthy and ready-to-use data when they need to improve customer experiences, implement new programs, streamline processes or comply with regulations, grow revenues or cut costs, introduce new products faster or optimize supply chains. Built on our Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), our Intelligent MDM helps advance enterprise-wide initiatives such as digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Because digital transformation and AI rely on complete, accurate, AI-ready data, MDM becomes even more essential for success. To rise to the next level of innovation in MDM, we have continued an impressive pace of development, ensuring our vision is also reality. In fact, over the past six years, we’ve invested more than $1.2B in research and development. I’m confident in saying that no other pure play MDM vendor is making that level of investment in modern cloud data management solutions.

By bringing AI to virtually all capabilities on a single, data management cloud, we are creating optimized user experiences and delivering a modern all-in-one intelligent MDM solution. Our goal is to ensure MDM can address virtually any market shift and be adopted by businesses of any size that want to solve their perplexing business problems and data challenges.

For example, our recent acquisition of Privitar automates the application of policy-based privacy and access controls from within MDM for advanced master data governance. This enables organizations to meet privacy standards in master data management use cases such as personalizing compliance, enriching customer profiles, and allowing broader use of customer data.

Our MDM innovations are reviewed quarterly in our “Meet the Experts” webinars, where we highlight our newest capabilities. While Informatica has long been a pioneer in MDM, we never lose sight of the need to address fresh business issues, new data challenges and shifting market demands. As noted in the Forrester report, Informatica’s superior vision focuses on enhancing the understanding and acceptance of MDM in digital transformation.”

Stronger Capabilities: AI-Powered Data Management

Simplifying and accelerating MDM implementations has remained top of mind for us and is central to how we’ve developed our solution. Introduced in 2017, our CLAIRE copilot capabilities within IDMC rely on 35+ petabytes of active metadata to automate data management tasks for greater efficiency, productivity, value and scale. The active metadata allows our CLAIRE copilot capabilities to better understand customers’ data over time and adjust as the data changes.

With CLAIRE copilot capabilities, Informatica helps customers cut data classification time by up to 50%, enhance data discovery up to 100x faster, reduce integration effort with automapping by up to 70%, uncover key data insights in far less time and improve productivity by up to 20% or more.

In addition, CLAIRE GPT, announced at Informatica World this past May, uses generative AI and advanced conversational capabilities to dramatically simplify how organizations manage and consume data. With Informatica Intelligent MDM you’re able to use AI to automate what has traditionally required human oversight and manual work. This includes repetitive and error-prone tasks such as match/merge, data mapping, anomaly detection, product classification, data discovery and rule recommendations, among other things.

This is how Informatica Intelligent MDM offloads much of the tedious initial work of standing up an MDM solution, supporting new MDM implementations in as few as 14 days, and how it improves the ongoing maintenance and management of master data. As per the Forrester report, “improvements in AI have strengthened Informatica’s MDM capabilities related to automated merging, trustworthiness for survivorship, data governance, data quality rule recommendation, customer 360, and extraction of data context.”

Simplicity and Ease: Greater Productivity and Fast ROI

Our team is diligent in delivering an industry-leading microservices-based, AI-powered, low/no code, all-in-one multidomain MDM solution on a comprehensive cloud-native platform. That’s a mouthful of buzzwords, for sure, but it does represent how we incorporate virtually all technologies that are needed to help make MDM an application that is tailored for business users and designed to generate greater value faster.

To deliver this solution, we redesigned it on a clean sheet of paper with modern cloud native technology, rich user experience and infusing AI as a design criterion while ensuring no legacy underpinnings. We used our deep knowledge and industry expertise to build the most modern MDM solution grounds up that includes everything you need from discovering data to mastering it and democratizing master data.  

To help our customers get up and running even faster, we developed prebuilt 360 applications for the most common domains such as customer, product, supplier and reference data. Included are value accelerators for industries like retail / CPG, insurance, financial services, life sciences and healthcare; data sources such as SAP to facilitate S/4 HANA modernization efforts and Salesforce to keep data high quality for better customer conversations; and common use cases such as environment, social, and governance (ESG).

With our ability to drive faster time to value, ease of use, and superior customer service while providing a consumption-based pricing model, Informatica becomes the best choice for organizations seeking rapidly measurable ROI. The Forrester report stated that “Informatica is particularly suitable for customers looking for quick time to value and ease of configuration for both standard and advanced MDM deployments.

Why Partner with Informatica for Your Standard and Advanced MDM Deployments

We continue to raise the bar for the industry with our vision and ability to combine virtually all the data management capabilities needed for MDM as services in a single platform including enterprise master data governance that not only sets us apart in the crowded MDM market, but it also provides a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Our all-in-one solution can be securely deployed worldwide on virtually any multitenant cloud ecosystem such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

As your partner in MDM, we are invested in your success. Positioned solidly at the intersection of cloud, data and AI, Informatica Intelligent MDM is designed to fuel AI-powered digital transformation and modern business use cases.

For both standard and advanced MDM deployments, Informatica serves as a hub for consolidated trusted data, automating data quality and governance of master data and bridging the gap in modern data architecture. I invite you to connect with us to better understand how we are taking MDM to the next level. 

What’s Next

This recognition by Forrester has been extremely gratifying. Read more about the future of MDM solutions in “The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023” report, now available for download.

We also invite you to learn more about why we believe Informatica is not just a market leader, but your long-term partner for success. Join us in a city near you this fall as Informatica World Tour goes on the road. We’ll dive deeper into the latest innovations in MDM and cloud data management.

First Published: Sep 11, 2023