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Last Published: Apr 25, 2022 |
Preetam Kumar
Preetam Kumar

Product Marketing Manager

In this data-first world, a company’s success depends on every team member using data to accelerate business decisions. Every enterprise has data, but their DataOps team needs to be empowered to collaborate to find actionable insights and solutions.

Industry research suggests most data engineers spend 80% of their time cleansing, curating, and preparing their data before the fun of building and training machine-learning models begins. Even data analysts face similar struggles to obtain data in a format they need to build their reports. In many companies, data engineers and analysts need to wait for their IT teams before they get access to secure, high-quality, and clean data in a consumable format.

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation addresses this issue. It provides an intuitive self-service data preparation environment where you can quickly cleanse and prepare data sets for analysis.

Enterprise-Class Data Preparation Is Critical for Business Insights

Even though you have the right data, it may not be in the right format or structure for analysis. That’s where data preparation comes in. Data engineers need to bring raw data into one interface from wherever it lives – data lake, in the cloud or on your desktop – where it can then be curated, transformed, explored, and prepared for analysis.

For example, the data engineer has received a request to share more customer data with the data scientists and business analyst. The data may have already been automatically classified and summarized for governance and efficiency purposes, but it still needs to be prepared for analysis.

Let me share an example of a real-world business use case that shows how effective data preparation can help enterprise to optimize sales and drive targeted marketing campaigns with high ROI.

Using Data to Address a Dip in Sales

This likely sounds familiar: You’re in a monthly or quarterly review and a sales pipeline report shows that a product or region is declining in sales month over month. The team around the table starts to discuss the possibilities.

Monthly and quarterly reporting, along with real-time dashboards, show us that something’s happening, but these reports don’t tell us why. That’s why we need to be curious and dig deeper to find out how best to address the issue at hand.

In this scenario, a business analyst notices sales in outdoor protection gear (e.g., bug repellant) were declining. To make sense of this decline, the team uses an enterprise-class data preparation solution to look at data surrounding their past marketing campaigns and finds a majority of sales stemmed from a single promotion. A quick glance at the product’s gross margins shows that there is scope for a sale and the company could run a targeted promotion.

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation (EDP) Flips the 80/20 Rule

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation addresses the challenges faced by DataOps teams. It flips the 80/20 rule to the organization’s advantage. It reduces the time taken to prepare the right dataset from months/weeks to hours and minutes. It allows the analysts and engineers to focus more on their core work of analytics and data engineering rather than getting bogged down in tedious activities and processes. Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation empowers IT departments to offer self-service capabilities on their data assets, while in turn empowering analysts to discover the right data asset, prepare, apply data quality rules, collaborate with others, and deliver business value in significantly lesser time.


Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation Is Recognized on the Constellation “ShortList” for Self-Service Data Preparation

The latest Constellation ShortList report has recognized Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation as one of the leading products in the Self-Service Data Preparation solutions category. This Constellation ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

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