Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake Modernization with Business Continuity and Automation

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Vamshi Sriperumbudur
Vamshi Sriperumbudur

Informatica Summer Launch Packs Critical Capabilities for Your Cloud Lakehouse Data Management


cloud data warehouse and data lake with business continuity and automation

A crisis such as a global pandemic creates an uncertain and highly volatile environment. In conversations with customers, we’re hearing from chief data officers (CDOs), IT executives, and IT and business users that they are assessing conditions, developing immediate response plans, and prioritizing actions. Many are already modernizing in the cloud for increased agility, flexibility, and cost savings—and current conditions only accelerate their journey. Organizations worldwide are accelerating cloud data management and curation, as well as data use for cloud analytics and business decisions.  

It is easy to start with a proof-of-concept using a point solution to address one immediate business challenge. But point solutions are flaky, unoptimized, and incomplete—making them not viable in general and particularly during these times. Moreover, these solutions often involve hand coding, aren’t automated, and overall lack a holistic approach to data management. What’s essential in these challenging times is a cloud lakehouse data management platform, that is not only robust but also offers high availability and runtime continuity, to accelerate business value from analytics and AI projects.

Informatica Cloud -Native Data Management Solution for Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Lakehouses

2020 Summer Launch capabilities across Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and Informatica Data Engineering deliver high availability and management enhancements for business continuity. These new capabilities mean you can avoid downtime from scheduled events and upgrade without job interruption. Innovations include:

  • Cloud Mass Ingestion (CMI): Take advantage of advanced connectivity and transformations with advanced DataOps support. Schema drift support enables you to recognize and automatically process schema changes.
  • Cloud Data Integration (CDI): Support for serverless Spark data integration on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with auto-tuning and auto-scaling. Pushdown optimization with enhanced support for AWS and Snowflake. Hierarchical processing with support for H-Type and convert binary to structured formats with simple drag and drop.
  • Cloud Data Quality (CDQ): Extended capabilities deliver easy-to-use parsing and deduplication. Profiling capabilities are also enhanced with Intelligent rules automation.
  • Business Continuity: The Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Business Continuity offering provides high availability to avoid downtime from scheduled events and allow faster recovery; pod selection for sandboxes and production; early access to pre-release environments for de-risking; and the ability to isolate Secure Agents for large-scale deployments.
  • Runtime Continuity: Upgrade cloud services without interrupting the jobs running on IICS Secure Agents and cloud hosted services.
  • MLOps: Essential to AI and data science success, MLOps requires a systematic approach to data management. Summer launch functionality includes end-to-end support for MLOps.
  • Data Engineering Integration (DEI), Data Engineering Streaming (DES), Enterprise Data Preparation (EDP): Summer Launch highlights include blockchain pipeline support, data pipeline and data preparation recipe recommendations, similarity-based pipeline categorization, and streaming data lineage.
  • Cloud ecosystems: New features in Summer Launch include broad cloud ecosystem support for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, and Databricks.


Business Continuity and Automation Accelerate Cloud Modernization

In summary, Informatica Cloud Lakehouse Data Management solution offers the most resilient cloud-native capabilities across three key pillars of data management (data integration, data quality, and metadata management), so you can drive business value and continuity from your cloud investments. Powered by intelligence and automation from the CLAIRE engine, Informatica’s metadata-driven solution increases productivity by eliminating hand coding and helps reduce costs with serverless support, all while increasing business and runtime continuity with high availability, early access, and dedicated large-scale Secure Agents.

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First Published: Jul 05, 2020