AI for Data Management: Informatica Announces the Acquisition of GreenBay Technologies

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Gaurav Pathak
Gaurav Pathak

VP Product Management

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At Informatica, we firmly believe the world of Data 4.0 is here. In this world, trusted data drives digital transformation. Trusted data creates sustainable competitive advantage. Data also carries significant risks and liabilities if best practices around data privacy and compliance are not enforced. But data can be the most valuable compounding asset when managed correctly.

Most of all, though, the key distinguishing factor of Data 4.0 is the recognition that the scale, automation, and trust required can only be achieved with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities.

AI requires data management. Data management requires AI.

While the success of AI depends on trusted and timely data, AI plays a critical role in scaling data management. In light of this, Informatica introduced the metadata-driven CLAIRE® AI engine three years ago with the singular focus of using metadata and AI/ML to drive productivity improvements across Informatica's Intelligent Data Platform.

To further strengthen the core capabilities of CLAIRE, we are excited to announce the acquisition of GreenBay Technologies, a Wisconsin-based data management startup with ties to the University of Wisconsin that develops AI and machine learning-based data management innovations. In acquiring GreenBay, Informatica is investing in a team of highly talented data scientists and engineers focused on solving the hard data management problems.




Diagram of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform featuring the CLAIRE AI engine and GreenBay Technologies.



This acquisition will benefit Informatica customers in three significant ways:

AI-Based Entity Matching in Informatica Business 360 solutions

Entity matching finds data instances that refer to the same real-world entity and is a long-standing challenge in data management. While current solutions are limited in requiring developers to create intricate rules for the matching process, GreenBay uses AI to both enhance matching accuracy as well as include non-developers like subject matter experts and business users in the matching process. This will strengthen Informatica's industry-leading data matching capabilities for party (customer, vendor, supplier, etc.) data, and add the ability to match unstructured and semi-structured data.

AI-Based Self-Driving Data Integration

This acquisition will accelerate Informatica's vision for self-integrating systems with the ability to automatically infer and link target schemas to source data—a process called schema matching. AI-based schema matching will automate data integration by automatically creating target models from source structures, inferring links between source and target columns, and identifying joins and other data relationships.

AI-Based Automated Data Stewardship

For data cataloging, data quality, and data governance and privacy, this acquisition will help us further increase the productivity of data stewards and data curators by allowing CLAIRE to infer new data relationships and meta-models accurately. This metadata knowledge graph—created ground-up for each organization—helps in automating stewardship tasks like data lineage inference, applying data quality rules by concept identification, and identifying sensitive data across the data landscape with high accuracy.

We are thrilled to welcome the GreenBay team to Informatica. Stay tuned for exciting announcements involving GreenBay's AI-based technology, and I encourage you to start exploring our comprehensive, AI-powered Intelligent Data Platform today.

First Published: Aug 18, 2020