AI-Powered Privacy and Management for Petabyte-Packed Cloud Data Lakes

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Vamshi Sriperumbudur
Vamshi Sriperumbudur

We now have data lakes with petabytes of data, being updated in real time with IoT, social and mobile information. Then there are tens of thousands of users accessing the data across various lines of your business: finance, sales, marketing, service, procurement, research & development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. At this scale the only way you will keep up with discovering, preparing, managing, and governing the data is with AI-powered automation. (For more on the AI imperative, read this recent blog by Informatica’s Awez Syed on“4 Ways AI Puts Rocket Fuel in Your Data Management.”)




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At the Informatica Summer Launch event, June 18-20, we will be showcasing AI-powered innovations for managing big data in your cloud data lakes and cloud data warehouses.

  • Streaming and Mass Ingestion at Scale: Ingest multi-latency batch and real-time data from files, databases, and streaming at big data scale into your cloud data lakes and/or your message queues, such as Kafka.
  • Integration at Scale: Manage and process petabytes of big data, leveraging serverless deployment with auto-scaling Spark clusters, that can be run on Docker and Kubernetes. All with a familiar and easy-to-use design interface

We will also be showcasing AI-powered innovations in data governance and privacy for end-to-end data lake governance, such as automation for:

  • Domain discovery
  • Data classification
  • Mapping of business terms to technical metadata
  • Building a subject registry index
  • Linking of data across structured and unstructured sources
  • Data quality and protection execution

At Informatica World 2019, our customers spoke about how they are using our solutions to help them scale data governance and privacy across their enterprise. Nissan North America discussed how they enable data democratization across sales, marketing, and service. Mattel explained how they reduced data quality workloads 80% through automation. Munich RE presented on linking data governance to business outcomes like customer experience and operational efficiency. And BP and Avis Budget Group talked about how to ingest, integrate, and prepare data for your cloud data lakes. Be sure to attend the virtual launch to learn more about Informatica’s innovation.


Tame your petabytes: Learn more at the summer launch

To learn more about Informatica’s AI-powered data lake management and governance, register for one of our virtual launch events:

We look forward to seeing you at launch!

First Published: Jun 11, 2019