An Intern to an Employee – that’s my #LifeAtINFA

Last Published: Sep 01, 2021 |
Yeshwanth Kumar
Yeshwanth Kumar

Associate Consultant

It was never easy for me being a student to adopt a corporate culture. However, the transition was smooth. I never felt that I am entering into a new cultural set-up. From campus to corporate – the journey has been fabulous in terms of learning, exposure, and working with best-in-class technologies in the data industry.

The last 6-9 months as an Intern at Informatica have made a lot of difference in my early career. Initially, I was nervous, but now I am confident. Now, a seasoned Informatica.

Internship Experience at Informatica & my journey so far…

The opportunity to work with the leaders of the data industry, supportive work culture, and work-life balance drove me to pursue my internship program with Informatica. #LifeAtINFA has been enriching! In the beginning, I was nervous as this was my first job, but everyone at INFA has been supportive and appreciative of me. The work culture at INFA has helped me excel both personally and professionally. I was able to learn and accommodate into my role very quickly.

Intern Showcase 4.0 – a different experience altogether

It was not only for me. It was an excellent opportunity for all the interns at Informatica to showcase their work and interact with the INFA Leadership team. Along with me, 90 other interns got this opportunity that made a huge impact on our early careers. As an individual, I learned teamwork, camaraderie, and collaboration. It helped me directly interact and learn from the leaders who’re driving the disruptive innovation around us.

During my internship, I was lucky to gain technical knowledge regarding the Informatica data management tools. It was like an eye-opening exposure for me. I learned some of the key business skills like interacting with clients and understand their requirements. These experiences helped me to gain various business perspectives of the data industry.

Intern Showcase 4.0 event is a very special one for interns like us that has given us the platform to explore and understand the innovative work of our fellow interns. To sum it up, it was a warm event that helped us express our work and feel welcomed by the INFA family.

Informatica – the leader in the Data Industry – that’s the differentiator

The credential of interning with Informatica has given me a wide range of opportunities. This internship experience helped me solidify my career in the data industry. There is no better place to start your career than Informatica if you’re interested in the data industry. I am glad that I got this opportunity to start my career with an industry leader. The work culture is everything here. A must say it is a different one – ‘A place to be.’

Can’t thank enough to my university & my parents

My university has been very flexible and supportive throughout the entire program. At every step, I got help from my professors. They have been the pillar of my academic strength. They’ve helped me in acquiring the offer in the first place. They’ve also been flexible regarding my internship training and helping me to learn better. I would thank my parents as well for supporting me throughout my journey of joining INFA. Without them, this journey would have been impossible.

I also thank everyone at INFA for giving me this great experience and opportunity. Thank you to my business teams, colleagues, fellow interns, and HR team for everything you have done so far. This is just another beginning – proud moment to change my tag from an Intern to an employee.

Final thoughts

Finally, I share my three key takeaways from the #LifeAtINFA

  1. Never stop learning
  2. Working and learning as a team will help you grow
  3. Never shy away from seeking help

Last but not least – if I sum up my journey in one word – I would say, it is “Monumental.” It was not only an experience; it was a lifetime journey for me that gave me lots of memories to move forward and allowed me to be a part of this esteemed organization to accelerate the INFA customers’ data-driven digital transformation journey.

First Published: Aug 26, 2021