Informatica's Vision: Harnessing Data and AI to Help Create a Better World

Last Published: Jun 04, 2024 |
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis

SVP, Chief Legal Officer

Informatica is committed to building a better world through innovation in data management and AI technology. Delivering these innovations to customers and, through them, to their customers creates a ripple effect of positive change. The following stories will explore how forward-thinking global organizations leverage Informatica’s technologies to scale the transformative power of data and AI in driving positive change.

Federated Hermes:  Scaling Sustainable Investing Through Reliable Data

Federated Hermes, a global leader in responsible investing, manages over $770 billion with a strong focus on sustainability. Leveraging Informatica's advanced data tools, they ensure every data point and decision supports a sustainable future.

Informatica’s platform helps organizations manage data governance, compliance, and accessibility. For Federated Hermes, this means effectively handling their complex and diverse sustainability data. By fully embedding sustainability data into their investment processes, Federated Hermes ensures transparency and accuracy for both clients and regulators—an essential part of their commitment to responsible investing. 

To maintain the quality and relevance of their sustainability data, which includes inputs from various third-party sources, Federated Hermes has implemented robust governance practices. They’ve established a dedicated methodology governance council to ensure the right data is used in the right way, driving better investment decisions.

This partnership with Informatica not only meets regulatory demands but also amplifies sustainability efforts across Federated Hermes' vast investment network. The collaboration highlights how integrating advanced technology with responsible business principles can have a profound impact on promoting sustainability on a global scale. 

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: Data-Driven Social Good  

Last year, Informatica launched a partnership with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to equip students with 100 Informatica Processing Units (IPUs). These students are enrolled in a 4-year Applied Science and AI Bachelor's degree program that aims to empower emerging professionals to use data in conscious, lawful, creative, and human-oriented ways. 

Leveraging Informatica’s advanced data processing technology, the students embarked on a significant initiative: analyzing 20 years of anonymized birth-related data in 20 million records from official prenatal care organizations in the Netherlands. They aimed to gain deeper insights into prenatal care and premature births, contributing valuable research to the scientific community and improving prenatal care outcomes. These IPUs are more than just educational tools—they provide hands-on experience that enables students to use real-world data tools and make a tangible, positive social impact on their greater community.


Bank of Ireland: Leading the Charge Towards a Greener Future with Informatica

Traditionally, banks may not be the first businesses that come to mind when thinking about sustainability. However, Bank of Ireland is changing that narrative with Informatica’s advanced data management technology. By automating the collection, analysis, and reporting of sustainability data, the bank ensures compliance with European regulations like the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Additionally, Bank of Ireland is actively tracking and reducing its carbon footprint while fostering collaboration and data sharing across the industry. This commitment goes beyond mere compliance. The bank also empowers its customers with personalized insights and financing options for energy efficiency, setting new benchmarks in the financial industry. Their dedication extends beyond regulatory requirements, making a tangible impact on the environment and supporting a greener future for all.

Driving Change: How Ford Motor Credit Leverages Data for Green Business Leadership

Ford Motor Credit—the financial services arm of Ford Motor Company—needed a robust system to manage environmental and sustainability data to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Partnering with Informatica, they transformed their data management capabilities.

Informatica’s tools were pivotal. The Enterprise Data Catalog scanned IT assets, Informatica’s data governance solution defined business terms, and data quality tools highlighted issues to fix at the source. The Data Marketplace enabled quick access to clean, trusted data, allowing Ford Motor Credit to produce accurate sustainability reports and demonstrate a clear reduction in carbon emissions.

This transformation not only secured strategic insights and investment but also turned a regulatory challenge into an opportunity for growth. Ford Motor Credit’s journey underscores the power of good data management, leveraging advanced tools and fostering a culture of data quality. 

Zalando's Green Revolution: Leveraging Informatica to Drive Sustainable Fashion 

Imagine a future where all fashion is produced, consumed, and sold responsibly. Zalando, a leading e-commerce giant with over 51 million customers across 25 markets, is making this vision a reality by bolstering its sustainability efforts with Informatica's data management technology. Informatica’s platform automates the nitty-gritty of collecting and analyzing sustainability data, allowing Zalando to keep a close eye on carbon emissions, manage waste efficiently, and ensure ethical sourcing. 

By centralizing this vital information, Zalando meets strict European sustainable corporate governance regulations, making sustainability data accessible across the company and fostering collaboration with suppliers to green their supply chain. This seamless integration means that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Zalando; it’s part of its daily operations. Thanks to Informatica, Zalando can pinpoint the carbon footprint of each product with precision and share high-quality sustainability data with employees and customers alike. This transparency empowers everyone to make informed, eco-friendly choices, driving a wave of positive change in an industry that urgently needs improvement in its sustainability practices.


Anthem's $10M Data Revolution: AI-Powered Success

Leading health insurance provider Anthem uses Informatica's AI technology to enhance its vast data catalog, which contains tens of millions of member clinical records and billions of claims data. This advanced system allows Anthem's teams to quickly find and use data, reducing tasks that once took days to just hours. With this richer, user-friendly catalog, Anthem improves understanding across the organization and supports cutting-edge healthcare programs like genomics and virtual health. This efficiency boost saves Anthem $10 million annually and helps them provide better care for over 200 million members.

BayWa Renewable Energy’s Data-Driven Transformation

Faced with regulatory demands like the Supply Chain Act, BayWa Renewable Energy, a global leader in renewable solutions, saw an opportunity beyond just a challenge. Starting from scratch, they built a central data platform using Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) and MS Azure. This approach allowed them to not only comply but also optimize processes and achieve significant cost savings. They further established a Center of Excellence, guiding the company in effectively using data to improve operations, meet regulatory demands, and achieve cost savings. It ensures that data-driven initiatives are consistently implemented across the organization, fostering a culture that values data and analytics for business growth and efficiency.

The Future: Scaling Sustainability Solutions

Informatica is committed to building a better world through innovation in data management and AI technology. Over the past year, groundbreaking solutions have been developed to sustain this momentum.

Introducing IDMC for Sustainability 

In 2023, Informatica launched IDMC for Sustainability, a solution that builds on its core platform to enhance how companies manage and report their environmental and social initiatives. Additionally, a Chief Strategist for ESG Sustainability Solutions in Sales was established to ensure customers achieve the highest impact outcomes from using the IDMC platform.

This platform offers specialized tools for sustainability and regulatory compliance, including comprehensive carbon footprint tracking, integration of external sustainability ratings, and detailed supply chain analysis. As global sustainability regulations grow more demanding, this solution empowers organizations to stay ahead of compliance while making a tangible impact on the world.

Harnessing Technology for a Sustainable Future: Informatica's Vision

In today’s world, technology companies specializing in data and AI have a profound impact on business and society. Data is a global foundational asset, and AI drives innovation in countless fields. However, AI's effectiveness depends on the quality of the data it processes. As the leading data management company, Informatica provides the essential foundation of good data, ensuring AI functions optimally. With this power comes the responsibility to leverage technological innovation for the greater good.

Informatica is committed to empowering our customers and community with innovative data and AI solutions that drive sustainability and societal benefits. Our evolving AI technology can help customers achieve their sustainability goals more effectively.

Driving Sustainability and Beyond with CLAIRE® GPT

Many companies are on a mission to improve sustainability, seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions but finding the task of analyzing complex data daunting. Informatica’s generative AI (GenAI)-powered product, CLAIRE® GPT, simplifies this journey, making it smooth and intuitive.

CLAIRE® GPT allows users to ask specific questions about sustainability data without needing technical skills. It can instantly provide a company's carbon footprint or identify which processes contribute most to emissions, guiding users through the data step-by-step.

For responsible business initiatives, everyone from business leaders to scientists can easily interact with data. CLAIRE® GPT ensures only trusted datasets are accessible to the right people, enhancing the speed and quality of sustainability-related work. This democratizes the process, allowing for broader participation and quicker decision-making, ultimately making a company's responsible business efforts more effective and inclusive.

CLAIRE® GPT's applicability goes beyond just environmental data. It can be used in various sectors, such as healthcare, agriculture, and more, towards greater sustainability and positive progress for humanity. By allowing more people to access and interact with data in simple language in a safe, reliable way, CLAIRE® GPT helps drive smarter, data-driven decisions across numerous fields.

By making complex data accessible and understandable, CLAIRE® GPT empowers people and organizations to work towards a safer, healthier, and greener future.

Read our full sustainability report to discover more insights and stories on our unwavering commitment to creating a better future. Together, we can make a significant impact.

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First Published: Jun 04, 2024