Are You Ready to Execute Your Data Strategy?

Last Published: Sep 08, 2021 |
Dan Everett
Dan Everett

Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing

As the pace of industry disruption and company transformation accelerates, ad hoc initiatives and one-off projects around data and analytics aren’t enough for sustainable success. You need a data strategy that will provide a foundation for the future, one that will democratize data and build a strong culture where every employee thinks about data as a strategic asset.

To successfully execute on your data strategy, you need to evaluate whether you have prerequisite readiness, both organizationally and technologically.

  • Organizational readiness and program design are a common blind spot. When strategy changes, roles, structures, and processes should be realigned with the new objectives. If organizational design is neglected, responsibilities can be overlooked, staffing can be inappropriate, and people—and even functions—can work against each other. In short, organizational and program design are critical to creating a data-driven culture and behavioral change management.
  • Technology readiness and designing data and technology architecture that effectively supports data and analytics activities at scale is another common challenge. It’s critical to evaluate the depth of functionality, breadth of capabilities, extent of integration, and modularity of deployment. Do your current capabilities have enough functional depth for your requirements? Is there enough breadth to support multiple business value opportunities? Is there integration across capabilities that will help you reduce cost of ownership?
This nighttime city skyline illustrates the importance of having a data strategy that will build a foundation for the future | Informatica

The Eckerson Group Data Management Strategy and Readiness Assessment can help you evaluate where you stand, and identify the next steps to take to improve your readiness. It’s designed for data leaders, to measure your company’s organizational and technical readiness to empower faster, broader, and easier data sharing and use. To hear Wayne Eckerson explain the maturity model used in the assessment and how it can help you successfully operationalize your data strategy, join us at one of the upcoming webinars.

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First Published: Nov 22, 2020