Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Data Cataloging

Last Published: Aug 17, 2023 |
Melanie Henry
Melanie Henry

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Do your colleagues ask you questions such as “What is a data catalog?” and “Why do we need one?” Are you able to explain the importance of data discovery and lineage for gaining new insights? Would you like to hear about cataloging success stories that could help you to accelerate best practices?

Then join us for our upcoming Back to Basics: Data Catalog series. We've gathered a diverse group of Informatica cataloging product and solution experts who can walk you through the fundamentals of the most important topics related to cataloging.

Data cataloging is your gateway to intelligent data governance, helping you discover, track, inventory and prep your data to fuel strategic initiatives and deliver value to your organization. Understanding data cataloging and its value is imperative for any team planning their data governance strategy.

During our Back to Basics: Data Cataloging series, you’ll learn about:

  • The essentials of data cataloging: what it is and why it’s needed
  • The building blocks of a data catalog, including data discovery and lineage
  • Connectivity into the various data sources that feed your data analytics and other applications
  • Data cataloging use cases and success stories across a variety of industries
  • And so much more...

Below is a summary of each episode in the series—sign up for one or all to join the conversation, get your questions answered by the experts, and accelerate your cataloging journey!

Episode 1: Data Catalog 101

Back to Basics Episode 1: Data Catalog 101 lays the foundation for understanding data cataloging concepts. We’ll describe the critical components of a data catalog, as well as best practices for adopting one.

Episode 2: Data Discovery

In Back to Basics Episode 2: Data Discovery, you’ll learn how data discovery is the first step of any data governance journey and will have the opportunity to watch a demonstration of how it works.

Episode 3: Data Lineage

In Back to Basics Episode 3: Data Lineage, you’ll see how data is tracked throughout its lifecycle and learn why this tracking is extremely valuable.

Episode 4: Data Asset Analytics

In Back to Basics Episode 4: Data Asset Analytics, we’ll preview the analytics available in cataloging solutions and explain how you can use these insights to maximize the value of your data.

Episode 5: Data & Analytics Governance

Back to Basics Episode 5: Data & Analytics Governance shares data cataloging success stories along with an overview of how data cataloging fits within a broader metadata management solution as part of your data and analytics governance program.

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First Published: Feb 14, 2022