Binge-Watch CLAIREview for Industry Perspectives on Intelligent Data Cataloging and Metadata Management

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Dharma Kuthanur
Dharma Kuthanur

Vice President, Product Marketing

Watch CLAIREview for industry perspectives in intelligent data cataloging and metadata management

Over the last few years, the phrase “Data drives all business transformation” has been ubiquitous and probably over-used in different contexts (I plead guilty to that charge as a data and analytics professional). But as we all collectively grapple with personal and professional challenges in the interesting times we are living in now, the importance of data and the need to understand what it means has been driven home powerfully on a daily basis.

At a personal level, every day when I catch up with the morning news and look at various numbers and charts tied to the COVID-19 crisis, I can’t help but wonder what’s behind that data. How are various metrics defined? Are they consistently measured across different regions? Are they providing the insight needed to answer key questions? On a more serious basis, professionals working in varied industry verticals such as healthcare, government, higher education, retail, and insurance have to answer these questions and many more about their data to ensure that the data can deliver the insights they need to make key operational decisions.

And while these data professionals are dealing with many short-term challenges, the longer-term data-driven priorities for digital transformation – such as enabling new business and operating models, driving innovation, and improving customer experience – haven’t gone away. If anything, some of these initiatives may be even more critical going forward. Leaders need to strike a balance between addressing short-term shifts in priorities and making progress on the longer-term vision, and trusted data is critical for both.

Tune in to CLAIREview for the Intelligent Data Summit for AI-Powered Innovation

To learn more and hear from your industry peers about how intelligent data can help you navigate these challenges, join us for Informatica CLAIREview – a new digital learning experience. The Intelligent Data Summit for AI-Powered Innovation is now available on demand. In the series premiere, you will learn how a modern data management strategy, built on a foundation of AI and cloud, helps you increase productivity with intelligence and automation. You will hear fresh perspectives in keynotes from industry analysts and thought leaders, our customers and partners, and senior Informatica leadership.


In addition, you will find a range of exclusive on-demand content in the form of industry analyst perspectives, customer sessions, and technical demos from our product experts. All of these sessions touch on the importance of metadata management and intelligent data cataloging to build the foundation you need for your modern data strategy to power data-driven business innovation, efficiency and productivity. Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, talks about the importance of self-service data access and solid governance for agile, data-driven decisions and business innovation.

You will hear from Intermountain Healthcare about how they are digitally transforming their business using Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform to deliver greater efficiency, innovation and growth, while enabling compliance with various regulations. Genworth, a leading financial services provider, enlightens us on how they are addressing risk management for their business leveraging intelligent data and an enterprise-wide data governance strategy. For athenahealth, cloud data warehouse modernization with Snowflake is a key component of their strategy to enable greater collaboration on data at scale to drive better patient outcomes and innovation in healthcare services. They share details about how they are delivering on this strategy using Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog and Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).

For Anthem, a leading health insurance provider, establishing a common metadata repository was a critical business priority to enable enterprise data governance and advance their data science and AI/ML initiatives. The speaker from Anthem discusses how Informatica EDC helped establish this metadata foundation for intelligent automation and efficiencies, and shares best practices from their data cataloging adoption journey. Building data-driven business models and democratizing the use of data and insights is at the heart of Honeywell’s growth strategy. Speakers from Honeywell and our partner Information Asset discuss how Honeywell is leveraging Informatica EDC coupled with Informatica MDM to build a single repository of high-quality datasets for enterprise-wide data governance and next-generation analytics.

And there’s more. Technical demo sessions from Informatica’s product experts provide deep-dive insights into varied aspects of intelligent data cataloging and metadata management, such as “Automated Data Discovery and Data Stewardship with CLAIRETM,” “Implementing Detailed Data Lineage,” and “Data Cataloging for Cloud Data Lakes & Data Warehouses.” Register for CLAIREview to take advantage of all this amazing on-demand content – binge-watch if you like or enjoy over the next few weeks until it’s time for the next summit in the series.


First Published: May 31, 2020