From Code to Canvas, Integration to Governance: Revolutionizing Data Management for Databricks with Informatica

Last Published: Jun 28, 2022 |
Rik Tamm-Daniels
Rik Tamm-Daniels

GVP, Ecosystem Alliances and Technology

Today’s data-led organizations succeed or fail based on the strength of their data. That’s why they focus on data analytics and machine learning (ML) for their cloud data modernization efforts. But good analytics require good data.

Data is fragmented across organizations. It’s found everywhere from line-of-business applications to on-premises equipment and multi-cloud ecosystems. According to the IDC Global Chief Data Officer (CDO) Engagement Survey 20211 sponsored by Informatica, nearly a third of organizations have more than 1,000 data sources, and 82% are currently using multiple clouds — or plan to — within the next 12 months.

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) lowers data complexity and fragmentation. IDMC makes data management easier for users by providing end-to-end data management capabilities from data integrations (ETL/ELT) to data quality to data governance to master data management in a single AI-empowered as-a-service platform.

Informatica has been hard at work applying the power of IDMC for Databricks users, and I’m very excited to announce that now the rich capabilities of IDMC are available to all Databricks users. Any-sized company and any data user can access Informatica’s powerful data management platform. With IDMC for Databricks, customers work from a single platform for faster time-to-value, enhanced innovation, improved customer experience and increased business agility.

Informatica Chief Product Officer Jitesh Ghai and Databricks SVP of Products Adam Conway at Informatica World 2022 discuss the shared journey to deliver low-code, no-code solutions for data engineers, data analysts and other data professionals.

Here are the new capabilities we are announcing for Databricks with IDMC:

  • End-to-end data engineering workflow for Databricks SQL: IDMC’s full data engineering lifecycle spans everything from data ingestion to data governance. The new workflow will provide Databricks customers with:
    • Advanced data quality support to:
      • Profile data with Informatica’s Cloud Data Quality service
      • Identify and resolve data quality issues
      • Deliver analytics and ML-driven outcomes based on high-quality, trusted data
    • Improved data discoverability to:
  • Informatica INFACore (in private preview): Databricks users will be able to use extension libraries to:
    • Access IDMC capabilities directly from Databricks notebooks
    • Leverage the full power and functionality of IDMC from connectors to data transformations to data quality rules
    • Use common data management functions for consistency across all users, projects and departments
  • Informatica Data Loader for Delta Lake on Databricks: Databricks users can now get free, fast and frictionless data loading to:
    • Quickly load their data to Databricks
    • Get access to the power of IDMC with zero-cost, zero-code, zero-DevOps, zero infrastructure
    • Boost their data and analytics initiatives for all departmental users and at all levels
    • Decrease from weeks to minutes the time it takes to deliver actionable data intelligence

These developments for Databricks truly do reflect a new chapter in Informatica’s partnership with Databricks. We couldn’t be more excited to bring these capabilities to Databricks customers and help so many more companies drive transformative outcomes leveraging their data as a critical business asset with Databricks and Informatica.

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First Published: Jun 28, 2022