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Last Published: Jun 03, 2024 |
Antonia Renner
Antonia Renner

Sr. Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

Top 4 Reasons to Engage with Informatica at GS1 Connect 2024

Are you ready to dive into the transformative world of supply chains at GS1 Connect 2024 in sunny Orlando, Florida? This is where leaders primarily from the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail, and Healthcare sectors converge to unlock the immense potential of their supply chains. This year's conference is set to offer you both visionary strategies and hands-on solutions.

Imagine being at the forefront of discussions on leveraging GS1 Standards for smooth commerce, navigating through data-sharing challenges, enhancing traceability, and scaling your supply chain with improved visibility and AI-ready data. I’m excited to give you four compelling reasons why connecting with the Informatica team at GS1 Connect is an unmissable opportunity. Let’s dive in and discover how this gathering can revolutionize how you manage your supply chain and product information.

1. Connecting GS1 Standards, Product Information Management and AI 

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is crucial for real-time product data exchange with trading partners. Informatica supports compliance with GS1 standards, offering enhanced traceability and transparency throughout your enterprise. Informatica’s GDSN Accelerator, integrated with Product 360, simplifies data access and synchronization, ensuring market readiness, data accuracy and a consistent customer experience across channels. Designed to meet specific industry needs, it includes built-in validations and error handling to ease integration challenges, with metrics and KPIs provided for effective governance and maintaining high-quality product data.

Come meet us to learn about the GDSN Accelerator and how leveraging innovative AI capabilities within your Product Information Management (PIM) solution can cut operational costs, streamline processes, and lessen manual work. 

For example, retailers and CPG leaders can leverage generative AI in PIM to enable automated product data onboarding and governance, content generation, multilingual support, automated categorization, validation reporting, and dynamic data modeling. This boosts supply chain optimization, quality assurance, and personalized product recommendations. 

Moreover, using AI to comply with GS1 standards improves data accuracy and interoperability across global supply chains. Automate product information capture and sharing for consistent, error-free data exchange, smoother transactions, better supply chain visibility, and traceability from origin to consumer. AI-driven PIM enhances customer engagement and sales through personalized experiences, ensures quality and consistent information, and swiftly adapts to market trends, keeping your business competitive.

2. Bridging Supply Chain Transparency, Compliance and ESG Regulations 

Understanding regional regulatory compliance is crucial for your business, given the diverse regulations affecting products, suppliers, and production processes across geographies. Monitor critical data points for regulatory reporting, like FSMA 204 in the U.S. or Digital Product Passports in Europe. Adhering to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations is also critical. 

Learn from our experts at the booth how Informatica’s ESG Extension, a complimentary add-on to your Supplier 360 SaaS solution, is designed to accelerate the implementation of your master data management (MDM) solution for organizing supplier-related ESG data. It provides pre-configured settings, a comprehensive supplier data model, and data quality rules to enhance ESG practices across your supply chain. This solution offers increased visibility into your supplier network and ESG performance, ensuring quick value realization and enabling informed decisions to achieve ESG goals.

We can demonstrate Supplier 360, which provides visibility into your supplier network and uses AI-driven insights to assess its "health status," enabling you to make informed decisions. Access a single, reliable, and up-to-date 360-degree view of all supplier information, including the products they provide, for increased supply chain transparency. This allows you to stay ahead of potential issues and reduce risks. You can easily monitor and analyze suppliers' capacity to prevent disruptions and take proactive measures to ensure timely delivery of the right quality and quantity.

3. Addressing Data Management Needs with an All-in-One Solution for Retail & CPG 

As a retail business today, you're facing significant challenges in managing your data, with the pressing need to enhance your customers' experiences and optimize your supply chain operations. At the same time, you're tasked with ensuring compliance with sustainability  data regulations and boosting data privacy. These challenges often lead to decreased customer loyalty and conversion rates, as well as an increase in product returns. To help you tackle these issues, we unveiled MDM 360 for Retail at Informatica World 2024. This AI-powered cloud data management solution is designed specifically for the retail and CPG sectors.

Hear from our team at GS1 Connect how MDM 360 for Retail addresses your data challenges head-on by ensuring personalized omnichannel engagements and streamlined supply chain operations. Moreover, it strongly emphasizes ESG data compliance and privacy, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and reducing product returns. The MDM solution is enriched with comprehensive industry-specific data models and integrates seamlessly with BigQuery analytics, ensuring easy deployment and minimizing implementation risks. It propels your business towards rapid value realization by simplifying data management processes with tailored models and integrations, effectively responding to the intricate requirements of your business and supply chain management.

4. Enhancing Global Life Sciences Operations: Streamlining Sales, Marketing, and Compliance 

If you are in the Life Sciences sector, you face the challenge of managing vast amounts of data on medicinal products, their ingredients, and packaging. This data is scattered across various systems, business units, and regions, making your efforts in sales, marketing, and compliance, especially with regulations such as IDMP, quite complicated. To address these needs, Informatica Product 360 for Life Sciences offers a new solution with a unified view of this critical information. It is built on a standards-based data model and incorporates reference datasets derived from globally controlled vocabularies. Additionally, it implements validation rules for industry-standard identifiers, including MPID, PCID, and NDC, ensuring your data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Meet us at GS1 Connect and Empower Your Business with AI-ready data for Supply Chain Excellence

Come to Booth 11 at GS1 Connect 2024 in Orlando, Florida, from June 4 to 6 to watch a demo. 

Learn about the crucial role of robust data management in adopting generative AI and discover how integrating AI with effective data management strategies can lead to transformative changes in decision-making and operational efficiency.

First Published: Jun 03, 2024