How to Accelerate Your PowerCenter Cloud Modernization While Minimizing Costs and Risks

Last Published: Sep 19, 2023 |
Pratik Parekh
Pratik Parekh

SVP Products and General Manager 

Today, the cloud is the new normal. Moving to the cloud is a business imperative because the cloud makes it possible for customers to continuously scale, iterate, optimize operations, drive innovation, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

But how can you build a modern cloud data platform that addresses ever-evolving data challenges? And how can you accelerate your cloud modernization initiatives when your critical data assets and applications are on-premises?

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Addressing Cloud Modernization Challenges

While you may want to modernize to the cloud, migration projects can be complex, lengthy, risky and costly. Research shows that:

  • More than 74% of cloud modernization projects fail1
  • 84% of organizations lack the right data platform to support cloud-native digital business2
  • 82% lack sufficient skills and expertise to architect and manage cloud environments3
  • The average length of a migration project is 16 months4

Some notable challenges of modernization include potentially high costs, delayed timelines, a lack of internal migration skillsets and complex on-premises data infrastructure. These roadblocks can significantly delay or derail projects, but your modernization initiative doesn't need to be complex or daunting.

Informatica PowerCenter for Cloud Edition, an Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) service, is now generally available to address customers' challenges and offer them a seamless path to modernization. IDMC significantly simplifies data management across both cloud and on-premises environments with a comprehensive set of capabilities.

IDMC is an independent, vendor-neutral, AI-powered, cloud-native data management solution for a multi-cloud, multi-hybrid world. We partner with top-tier cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Google Cloud, Oracle and other technology providers to accelerate cloud modernization initiatives for organizations of all sizes.

PowerCenter Cloud Edition is designed to accelerate time to value and reduce migration cost, time, risk and effort while minimizing disruption to ongoing mission-critical business operations.

Move to the Cloud Up to Eight Times Faster

PowerCenter Cloud Edition allows PowerCenter customers to move their on-premises workloads to IDMC and includes a trio of new cloud-native services:  

  • Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC): CDI-PC enables you to run PowerCenter workloads without needing metadata or business logic migration. It also allows you to centrally manage and monitor your cloud and hybrid runtime environment on a single IDMC control pane. This benefits you immensely through automated updates and real-time security fixes, helping to ensure your critical data and integration infrastructure is secure and up to date.

  • PowerCenter to Cloud Data Integration Self-Service (PC2CDI): In conjunction with CDI-PC, the self-service PC2CDI Modernization Service empowers you to adopt industry-leading, cloud-native capabilities. It also helps eliminate the risk of manual migration with 95% AI-driven automation, offering faster time to value and up to 50% cost reduction.

Some Informatica customers have over 20,000 PowerCenter assets spread across hybrid environments. With PC2CDI, you can re-use up to 100% of your PowerCenter assets and business logic built up over years of investment and convert your PowerCenter mappings to the cloud-native IDMC platform with complete fidelity. PC2CDI modernization services allow you to modernize your PowerCenter assets to cloud artifacts at your own pace — in iterations or phases — depending on your business priorities, budget and resources.

  • Cloud Data Validation (CDV): Cloud Data Validation capabilities allow you to rapidly identify data anomalies — such as missing, unmatched or extra records — and validate metadata conversion accuracy at the data level, significantly reducing testing time and accelerating deployment time for migration projects. It also can help improve your post-conversion efforts that involve user acceptance and pre-production testing.

Working With Customers on PowerCenter Modernization 

With the general availability of PowerCenter Cloud Edition, we are thrilled to hear the excitement from our customers.

“PowerCenter Cloud Edition augments Informatica’s PowerCenter Modernization Program. It changes the dynamic of cloud adoption and provides us the flexibility to modernize at our own pace. We can now continue using existing PowerCenter assets while prioritizing only those that will benefit from migrating to the cloud. It moves us away from the ‘all or nothing’ approach to modernization, significantly reducing risks and accelerating those projects that need immediate cloud solutions.”

— Rudy Dias, Director of Data Management and Data as a Service, Point32Health

Informatica supports PowerCenter customers during their PowerCenter modernization initiative with a Starter Pack for PowerCenter Cloud Edition offering. As part of this offering, our modernization experts will work with you to deploy PowerCenter on the cloud in one environment, plan for your modernization project and execute a pilot conversion.

The Starter Pack consists of two major phases. Phase I focuses on the cloudification of PowerCenter by deploying Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC). Phase II focuses on enabling your team to convert PowerCenter assets into native IDMC pipelines using the Informatica PC2CDI Modernization service. Learn more about the Starter Pack for PowerCenter Cloud Edition by downloading our datasheet here

Next Steps

Explore more about PowerCenter Cloud Edition and the benefits of cloud modernization by attending our upcoming webinar, “Modernize PowerCenter to the Cloud: Strategies for Speed, Cost Savings and Lower Risks.” You can also learn more about PowerCenter Cloud Edition by visiting our webpage.

First Published: Sep 19, 2023