Increase Operational Efficiency of PowerCenter with Informatica Operational Insights

Last Published: Jan 12, 2022 |
Keshav Ramarao
Keshav Ramarao

PowerCenterOperational Insights is a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing Informatica data management software. In this release, you can efficiently manage PowerCenter installations running in one or more of your datacenters or in the cloud. With insightful analytics, best practices recommendations by CLAIRE, integrated health monitoring and domain auto-scale, you will be able to reduce your total cost of ownership of PowerCenter installations. Watch out for addition of other products/services (Big data products, Cloud DI, MDM, etc.) on this infrastructure soon.

Typical Operational Challenges

  • Have you ever wondered how to assess your PowerCenter usage by individual projects, plan for future capacity, assess individual workflow performance over a period? Operational Insights is what you have been looking for.
  • Do you need insights into workflow failures or performance issues periodically, need help in addressing those issues? Check out Operational Insights.
  • Do you want PowerCenter compute capacity to keep up with the business need, dynamically, without over-provisioning hardware/software? Check out the auto-scale feature in Operational Insights.

What is Operational Insights?

Operational Insights is a hybrid-cloud service available on Informatica Cloud. Sign up for this service and download/install Secure Agent software on your premises. Configure PowerCenter domain and repository details in Operational Insights web application in simple steps. Secure Agent running on your premises collects operational metadata periodically and makes it available for visualization on Operational Insights. Each Secure Agent can be configured to collect from multiple domains. Operational InsightsOperational Insights is for IT Managers, Informatica Administrators and Operators.


Following are the features in the first release of Operational Insights. New features will be added periodically in our monthly releases, sign up and start using the service to experience them.

  1. Easy setup, almost zero maintenance – operational in less than 1 hour
  • Download and install Secure Agent after license is assigned to your Informatica cloud account
  • Configure domain and repository connection details in Operational Insights in minutes – no installation required on domain machines
  • Seed the environment with last 30-days of workflow run statistics and resource utilization statistics so that Operational Insights becomes useful immediately
  • Uptake new features without having to upgrade
  1. Insightful Workflow Analytics
  • Workflow analytics to assess data volume processed trend at the domain level and at individual project level
  • Insights to identify workflows that need immediate attention
  • Run history to track the historic performance of workflow and session instance runs
  • Hourly update of workflow run statistics so workflow issues can be addressed quickly

Operational Insights

  1. CLAIRE Recommendations
  • Daily generation of recommendations for the most frequently occurring workflow errors
  • Drill down to specific workflows and instances and apply the fix or debug further
  • Projection of data volume growth
  1. Health Monitoring
  • Monitor health of nodes and services and watch the trend of CPU/Memory utilization
  • Identify hot and cold nodes in the domain and re-balance the workloads if needed
  1. Auto-scale PowerCenter Grids 
  • Automatic compute capacity management of PowerCenter grids in AWS cloud
  • Dynamically scale up or scale down grids in <15 mins in synch with data volume processing load
  • Trigger scale up manually when needed or configure rule to scale up automatically when CPU/Memory exceeds a certain threshold
  1. Supported versions:
  • Supported PowerCenter versions: 10.1.1, 10.1, 10.0 and 9.6.1
  • Secure Agent: Windows and RHEL

Who would benefit from Operational Insights?

Customers who …

  • are looking to reduce operational costs while improving business SLAs
  • need data on existing project utilization or capacity planning for future growth
  • are running PowerCenter as a shared service (ICC environment)
  • are looking to troubleshoot workflow failures or performance issues Customers seeking insights into workflow job failures
  • need to monitor the health and resource utilization of their Informatica assets
  • are seeking a cost-efficient solution for managing compute capacity while being responsive to dynamic data load

Sign up Now!

Contact your Informatica representative to sign up for this cloud service immediately. It takes less than a minute to sign up and less than an hour to enjoy the benefits of Operational Insights. 

First Published: Nov 27, 2017