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Industry’s Next-Generation Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

One of the biggest barriers to effective cloud adoption is connecting, synchronizing, and relating data, applications, and processes among cloud and on-premises systems. The added complexity of hybrid makes it difficult to effectively share and use business data across the organization.

Data integration through iPaaS alone is no longer sufficient to tackle Enterprise Cloud Data Management. Instead, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) features the industry’s next-generation user experience based on a modern API-based microservices architecture, powered by Informatica’s innovative enterprise unified metadata intelligence, known as the CLAIRE™ engine.

We have removed the complexity so you can focus on business value. We will upgrade and evolve constantly in the background so you aren't distracted from your own innovation. 


A Modern Cloud of Clouds

IICS moves past the traditional definition of iPaaS—cloud data integration, cloud application and process integration, API management, and connectivity. Its modern “cloud of clouds” delivers industry-leading data management and integration capabilities, powered by Claire™ artificial intelligence: 

  • Integration Cloud: Integration Cloud greatly expands the traditional definition of iPaaS to include advanced unique functionality such as Cloud Integration Hub and Cloud B2B.
  • Data Quality and Governance Cloud: Delivers data quality and governance foundation for all cloud projects and initiatives.
  • Master Data Management Cloud: Provides single, complete, and accurate views across all forms of master data, in a single source of truth, providing cloud MDM solutions that will scale to the most demanding enterprise requirements with business self-service and self-management of master data.
  • Data Security Cloud: Provides the industry’s best data security intelligence solution in the cloud, to detect and protect against data risks as well as intelligently spot patterns of user behavior that might suggest a data risk. 

Reimagined User Experience

The API-based microservices architecture delivers common services—such as user authentication, workflow creation, asset management, search, and tagging—that look the same, but also operate exactly the same wherever they are invoked across the cloud. This user experience dramatically reduces the learning curve for new tools and drives self-service.

The new microservices approach is based on open REST APIs.  This will enable a continued rapid pace of innovation, allowing us to bring new services and advance existing services at a rapid pace.

Informatica continues to invest in cloud certifications to support the most extensive industry standards and regulatory compliances/attestations like SOC2, SOC3, HIPAA, and the United States-European Union (EU) Privacy Shield and aligned with international security standards such as ISO27000. With our latest expansion of hosting IICS in the EMEA region, this enables in-region data processing for customers within the European Union who wish to avoid data transfers outside of the EU.

Informatica is currently certified under the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield framework, which provides a legal mechanism for transferring personal data from the EU to the USA.  Many customers located in the EU, however, prefer to avoid such data transfers by keeping data in the EU in the first place. 


Cloud Products

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

The leading enterprise cloud data management solution to power business transformation.

Cloud Application Integration

Integrates data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications.

API Management

Manage and secure your APIs through Intelligent Cloud Service's API integration and orchestration service.

Cloud B2B Gateway

Onboard B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud.

Cloud Integration Hub

Streamline complex hybrid data integration environments, ensure better data consistency, and boost efficiency.

Master Data Management Cloud

Integrates data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications.

Data Quality and Governance Cloud

Enable business and IT users to quickly realize business value from trusted, clean, high-quality cloud data.

Data Security Cloud

Protect sensitive and private data, improve compliance, and enforce use policies.

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