Informatica Achieves FedRAMP Moderate Level Authorization

Last Published: Feb 09, 2022 |
Bill Burns
Bill Burns

Chief Information Security Officer

Government agencies from the state to the Federal level are modernizing operations to provide enhanced citizen services and better carry out their missions. Organizations are leveraging the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and trusted analytics to drive more-informed decision-making and improve internal effectiveness and efficiency.

Cloud adoption plays a central role in this effort. Both cloud-native and modernized legacy applications provide better visibility into the increasing volumes of data pouring in from an every-growing number of sources and enable greater interoperability between applications. Migrating to and operating in hybrid and multi-cloud environments requires a comprehensive approach, involving people, processes, and leading-edge technology to manage data at scale.

Confirming Our Commitment to the Highest Levels of Security

Informatica is proud to bring our highly successful commercial Intelligent Cloud Services capability to Government customers through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

I’m very pleased to share that Informatica has achieved a U.S. Government FedRAMP Moderate Level Authority To Operate (ATO) under the sponsorship of the Department of State for the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) platform. With this designation, government agencies can now leverage the industry-leading platform within the Government Cloud environment.

This offering affirms our commitment to the highest levels of security for our customers, adding to the global certifications, regulations, and standards Informatica and IICS have already achieved, including SOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA, GDPR, UK Cyber Essentials, GxP, and Privacy Shield. IICS FedRAMP is an essential enabler to drive agencies towards leveraging the data they collect and create for better decision-making, analysis, and informed policy making.

Key IICS capabilities include:

  • Data integration for any type of data—structured or unstructured—across various cloud ecosystems
  • Complete application integration
  • Data visibility and controlled access, regardless of where data resides
  • An AI-powered, intelligent automation platform across data lakes and data warehouses
  • API-driven data delivered as microservices
  • Seamless integration with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog to discover and manage meta-data
  • Containers and serverless constructs for faster and scalable deployment
  • Minimized complexity and simple installation and setup, with a user-friendly interface
  • The choice to keep your sensitive data behind your firewalls, flowing between your other trust clouds, or any combination.
  • Ease of management, including automatic upgrades and patching

Data Lies at the Heart of Modernization

Data-driven government agencies are realizing that the core of modernization is data itself. However, most agencies struggle to bridge the final gaps. They lack the capability to gain a comprehensive view of what data they have and how to make sense of it.

Moving workloads and data to cloud data warehouses and data lakes without interrupting operations can be challenging, and it doesn’t get easier post-move to ensure that users have continuous access to that data in real time in any environment. And the rigorous FedRAMP standard means your cloud data and workloads are continuously monitored and protected.

Moving to the cloud with manual processes or by relying on limited capability data tools that are not FedRAMP authorized will make the transition even more challenging. The model of lift and shift—moving everything all at once from on-premises to the cloud—can result in unnecessary high costs and low-quality data. Informatica IICS can help you on your cloud modernization journey to simplify your footprint, increase the productivity of your employees, and scale your applications.

Automating cloud data integration and cloud application integration with the power of AI are essential to achieving organizational goals within a data strategy. Plan your successful modernization now by leveraging all that a cloud-native data management solution brings—within one of the most stringent security programs on the street today: FedRAMP.

Next Steps

Check out our Intelligent Cloud Data Management for Government FedRAMP Requirements data sheet to find out more.

Ready to start your journey now? Contact our Informatica Federal team at and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.


First Published: Feb 08, 2022