Innovation from Informatica World: Generative AI and much more

Last Published: May 21, 2024 |
Amit Walia
Amit Walia


Today in Las Vegas, we are kicking off Informatica World, the cloud data management and AI conference of the year. We recognize that the truth most organizations are facing is that everyone is ready for AI, except for their data. I will be joined on stage by industry experts to talk about how we all get ready for this era of GenAI. We will highlight the innovation we have recently delivered and plan to deliver over the second half of the year. I encourage you to watch the keynote and other Informatica World sessions at

Informatica helps you get ready for Generative AI

GenAI is transformational and is reshaping the way people interact with technology. But to deliver real value, GenAI needs your enterprise data to provide differentiated customer value and understand unique business contexts. Your organization needs holistic, accurate, protected, and accessible data to get AI that is trusted, accurate, responsible, and widely adopted. The Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) from Informatica provides the only end-to-end cloud data management solution. 

Informatica is using GenAI to fundamentally change traditional Data Management making it faster and more intelligent. We recently launched CLAIRE® GPT, combining a fine-tuned Language Model with IDMC’s Metadata System of Record to offer a system that speaks natural language and deeply understands business data. CLAIRE GPT brings the power of data to even more people by making data management more approachable. We will show today how CLAIRE GPT multi-step reasoning and CLAIRE copilot recommendations will evolve to break down complex data management tasks and offer recommendations at every step, improving productivity for even the most experienced data engineers.


GenAI is shaping how companies communicate with their customers and the products they offer.  

Informatica future-proofs organizations with a robust data management foundation and the adaptability to leverage evolving technologies using the same platform and skills. For GenAI, we will enable the grounding of language models with enterprise data using new data transformations (chunking, embedding) and support for all the major LLMs and Vector DBs. At Informatica World this week, we will demonstrate how these new GenAI capabilities can automate, for example, an existing insurance claims application in three easy steps.

Massive innovation across IDMC

In Las Vegas, we will also feature hundreds of innovations and demos showcasing how people connect, process, govern and activate their data. Below is a sampling of some of the innovations we will share this week.


Data Integration & Engineering 

IDMC offers a cloud-native, modern, AI-powered data integration and engineering solution that improves efficiency and is cost-effective. 

  • A modern visual design experience with guided development paths across multiple use cases such as ELT, ETL, ingestion and replication.  
  • Native SQL ELT for Snowflake supports more than 250 Snowflake-specific functions and delivers better performance for data pipeline workloads. 
  • Simplified data synchronization and replication with Cloud Data Ingestion and Replication (formerly Cloud Mass Ingestion), which supports SAP ECC and S/4 Hana and can load data into Snowflake up to 3.5x faster.  
  • Expanded high-performance connectivity to Microsoft Fabric OneLake, Data Warehouse and Lakehouse. Coming soon, connectivity to Open Table formats such as Iceberg and Delta, vector databases, LLMs and more. 
  • Natural language prompts to generate mappings quickly are coming soon. In addition, users will be able to transform, chunk and embed unstructured data before loading it into vector databases. 

These new capabilities offer up to 10x improved ELT performance, 90% savings on ETL efforts and democratized data engineering. 

Data Governance and Privacy 

IDMC ensures consistently reliable and relevant data for AI to enable trusted outcomes that prevent AI bias and hallucinations. 

  • Recently launched Cloud Data Access Management service using CLAIRE enhances data intelligence for granular policy enforcement and appropriate data use.  
  • New Data Observability including AI-augmented insights to provide visibility and remediation to data assets and data pipelines at scale. 
  • Data governance model customization, custom workflow automation, enhanced Data Catalog and Data Marketplace integration, additional data scanners to broaden metadata extraction and more. 
  • Coming soon, CLAIRE copilot enhancements including inferred lineage and auto-generated data quality rules, and CLAIRE GPT search integration with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog. 

These new capabilities speed up metadata extraction time to insights, better monitor the quality of data pipelines and allow more secure data sharing with confidence across the organization. 

Master Data Management 

IDMC enables trustworthy business data with a single source of truth across customers, products, suppliers, employees, locations and more. 

  • New modern and personalized user experience with advanced capabilities like support for CLAIRE copilot, data quality reporting and bulk error remediation to manage data with ease. 
  • New 360 Applications and pre-built integrations accelerate time to value for MDM projects. These include Location 360, Material 360, Product 360 for Life Sciences and the Google BigQuery integration extension. MDM 360 for Retail will be coming soon. 
  • Support for large, enterprise-scale operational and inference workloads that require high throughput requirements and low latency.  
  • Enhanced AI-powered multidomain matching including support for null values, distinct source systems and product descriptions to create high-quality master data. 
  • CLAIRE auto-generated data integration mappings for MDM to accelerate implementation timelines. 

These new capabilities help resolve data errors in minutes, configure new domains in as little as two weeks, and scale to over 5000 transactions/second for enterprise-scale GenAI use cases. 


IDMC allows you to build no-code, enterprise-grade GenAI apps and offers a highly productive and scalable API/application integration solution. 

  • Simple experience to orchestrate any LLM, build no-code Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), prompt engineering and AI agents. 
  • Modern, enterprise-grade API Lifecycle Management with API governance, policy and access control. 
  • Coming soon, the ability to automate complex business processes that require human intervention with no-code UI-based human workflow and RAG workflow features. 
  • New connectors, enhancements for existing connectors including Kafka Cloud, RabbitMQ, and JMS, and support for X12, HL7, FHIR, and SWIFT standards. A self-service connector development framework is coming soon. 
  • Soon to come, prebuilt recipes (pre-packaged integration processes) for horizontal and vertical business domains, GenAI use cases, and patterns like RAG and AI agents. 

These enhancements offer productivity gains of up to 10x, support high throughput (up to 100K+ API calls per minute per Gateway) and help democratize GenAI applications. 


IDMC is built with performance, reliability, and security at its core to protect your most valuable asset. 

  • Customer-managed keys that secure metadata and data with the organization’s own encryption key, managed by company policy. 
  • IDMC expansion with availability on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (North America) and new regions including United Arab Emirates (Azure), France (GCP), Canada (Azure), Japan (AWS) and Saudi Arabia (GCP) 
  • Azure Private Link which restricts traffic between Secure Agents in customers’ Azure VPC and IDMC orgs over a private connection. 
  • Coming soon, new Informatica Pricing Unit (IPU) chargeback and enrichment to manage IPU consumption reporting by project, folder and customer tags, threshold alerts and enhanced analytics.  
  • Coming soon, new Secure Agent Containerization for easier deployment and Secure Agent management to meet performance requirements or reduce scale to save costs. 

I’m excited to spend this week with customers and partners, discussing how Informatica is preparing our customers and partners for this new era of GenAI and the challenges and opportunities we will face and overcome together. Learn more about getting your data ready for AI at

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First Published: May 21, 2024