Latest Product Experience Innovations with MDM – Product 360 10.5

Last Published: Jan 06, 2023 |
Antonia Renner
Antonia Renner

Sr. Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

Successful organizations know that delivering engaging customer experience is critical. And to do that, they know that they need to manage complex product data across all touchpoints. After all, your customers deserve the most complete, trusted and relevant product information on demand.

The latest release of Informatica MDM – Product 360 10.5 provides many new and powerful capabilities. These new capabilities will improve how you manage product information and share it with your customers. Automated content enrichment through guided translation service and integration with Google Translate. AI-driven brand extraction. Object API enhancements for real-time data integrations. Dependent lookups for characteristics and enhanced search query management.

Improve Productivity with New Automated AI-Driven Capabilities

The CLAIRE® Recommendation Accelerator that is part of this latest release. This recommendation accelerator improves productivity through AI-driven automation:

Real-time Translation Service using Google Translate

Product 360 integrates seamlessly with real-time translation API providers such as Google Translate. This makes it easy for you to translate any language-specific fields into your desired target languages. An intelligent user guide and agnostic user interface enhances your international go-to-market efforts.

Machine-Learning-driven Brand Extraction

You can now follow a machine learning approach to extrapolate brand names from product descriptions. A flex UI component leverages intelligent user suggestions to fill corresponding product fields. The accelerator comes ready-built and doesn't need complex manual tuning to get started. Since it's trained with existing product descriptions and brand names, you can easily generate a deep learning model.

Media Manager Enhancements for Cloud Edition

This release features a new cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM). You can now mass upload assets to blob storage and filter unsupported file types. The DAM includes free definable derivatives of unlimited amount and auto assignment functionality.

Business User Experience Enhancements

Fast and easy user experience continues to be a top priority, for us as well as for our customers. It's why we continue to make significant investments in that area. A couple of user experience enhancements with Product 360 10.5 include:

Dependent Lookups for Characteristics

Product 360 10.5 features improved data governance and context-specific quality and validation. Users can define dependencies between lookup values, or filter for non-applicable values. This works for sibling and parent characteristics and includes further extension possibilities.

Search Query Improvements

Users can now modify search queries in the web user interface (UI). Improved usability and access lets users define and reuse queries. They can now search everything within any UI to update, delete and save queries. Robust access and search functions give every user powerful access to locate the products they are looking for.


Assign items to products/variants or generate a product/variant directly in the web UI
With Product 360 10.5, you can now assign and generate parent products/variants in web UI. Meaning that you can work on product-to-item relationships from anywhere. Assign one or many items to a parent product/variant, or overwrite existing assignments. You can also generate new parent product/variant for an item and take over existing information in one step.

Smarter Product Data Syndication

Product 360 10.5 comes with an extensive update of our Global Data Synchronization Network (GS1 GDSN) accelerator. We have also extended our product content syndication capabilities.

B2B and B2C product content syndication requirements continue to change and become more complex. We want to help you meet these ever-evolving requirements. So we now partner with Productsup, a leading product-to-consumer (P2C) platform. They empower brands, retailers, service providers and marketplaces to master "commerce anarchy."

Brands and retailers can use the Productsup platform to syndicate trusted and enriched product data from Informatica Product 360. The platform can help you manage both scaling and complex PIM use cases as well as data feeds to their sales and marketing channels. Get on new channels faster by leveraging their portfolio of 2,500+ pre-configured export templates. It's also easier to syndicate on different marketplaces across multiple countries and in many languages, too.

Attribute Explosion

We wanted to help our customers integrate data in real time between systems with ease and flexibility. So we developed an object API for data reads and writes and real-time data integrations. The simplified web service access to product data records allows you to read multiple complete objects with a single call. Version 10.5 now includes full permission support and also supports write operations.

Want to Learn More?

Join our product experts for the webinar, “What’s New in Product 360 10.5."

First Published: Jun 28, 2022