Learn How Next-Gen Analytics and AI Can Help You Transform Your Business

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Sam Tawfik
Sam Tawfik

I was recently in downtown San Diego during one of the largest global comics conferences: Comic-Con International 2019. The event is growing every year, and this year an estimated 300,000 visitors and attendees will generate more than $150M in economic impact for the city of San Diego. Despite the excited fans all around me, I was thinking about the role that data plays in an event like this. Data needs to be used by IT and business users to optimize the customer experience; and IoT streaming data needs to be collected in real time to control and manage traffic and keep visitors safe. In fact, global communications firm Edelman just wrote about the AI-driven research that goes into ensuring Comic-Con’s continued success.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Organizations are delivering next-gen analytics with cloud data lakes and self-service data preparation to accelerate their data journey

Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning are becoming central to growth strategies for all kinds of organizations – whether you’re a global financial institution, a healthcare provider, or a gathering of costumed superheroes. That’s why I invite you to attend the Informatica Next-Gen Analytics Virtual Summit on August 13 (the event also runs in EMEA on August 14 and APJ on August 15). You will hear from industry analysts, innovators, and practitioners about the end-to-end approach you need to address the rapid growth in data and users while taking advantage of AI/ML to optimize and speed your decision-making process.

A Virtual Summit Just for Next-Gen Analytics

Organizations are delivering next-gen analytics with cloud data lakes and self-service data preparation to accelerate their data journey as they use data to describe what happened in the past, diagnose why it happened, and use AI/ML to predict what will happen in the future and provide prescriptive actions.

By attending the summit, you will learn how to empower business analysts to find and access any trusted data using Google-like semantic search and dynamic facets to filter and aggregate data assets. Metadata-driven AI, powered by the CLAIRETM engine, assists in the data discovery and transformation process with relevant recommendations of new data assets that may augment the analytics. This greatly increases confidence in the data and reduces duplicate data, which may affect the accuracy of the machine learning models.

You will also learn how to drive more value from real-time streaming and IoT data and enable real-time operational intelligence with a single streaming analytics solution that can sense, reason, and act on the streaming data. The solution captures real-time data and provides data management to filter, transform, aggregate, enrich, and process the data. Lastly, the data is delivered to the data lake for analytics and to feed AI/ML and drive real-time actions.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana will share critical insights on modernizing analytics and AI projects highlighting key trends and challenges in AI and machine learning, data preparation, streaming and IoT data, cloud, and big data. David will also share recommendations for data enrichment, data cataloging, and data governance.
  • A keynote on how to succeed with Next-Gen Analytics and AI/ML projects will highlight how to deliver next-gen analytics for a multi-cloud, hybrid world with a focus on modern architecture, patterns, and use cases.
  • In the Cloud Data Lake Management theater, Microsoft Azure’s Jeff King will discuss best practices for end-to-end data lake management.
  • In the Self-Service Analytics theater, DataRobot and Informatica will highlight self-service data preparation for the purpose of accelerating and deploying machine learning projects.
  • In the Streaming Analytics theater, you’ll learn how to get more value out of real-time streaming data and preview industry use cases including fraud detection, next-best offer, and predictive maintenance.
  • In the Data Warehouse Modernization theater, Snowflake’s Tarik Dwiek and Informatica will share best practices for accelerating analytics with data integration and processing on cloud data warehouses.

It’s an exciting lineup. Register today for an event in your region:

We look forward to seeing you!

First Published: Aug 07, 2019