Our Customers Are Powering the World

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Ashley Kirkpatrick

As my mom would say, one of a parent’s most fulfilling gifts in life is to watch their children grow up to be successful. Hopefully in the process, they make the world around them “better” – improving the lives of others in a way, shape or form. From the time I’ve spent at Informatica thus far, the excitement of all of my colleagues when we see our customers successfully navigating their data-driven journeys is contagious! Maybe I’m getting a sneak peek into the feelings of pride you parents experience when your children succeed?



Informatica customers are doing great things




What makes our customer’s success so fulfilling is the reality that embarking on a data management journey can be tough – it requires time, resources, financial commitment, prioritization, and a talented and passionate team that is excited to be on that journey. Whether that data-driven digital transformation journey takes weeks, months – or even years – to deliver, our customer’s success enables them to make better-informed business decisions, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, secure information and more often than not – provide a better experience for their customers.

In my role on Informatica’s Customer Advocacy team, I have the pleasure of helping our customers celebrate and share their achievements in delivering transformative data-driven outcomes for their organizations. So many of our customer’s stories are notable, but here are just a few who have distinguished themselves within their industries by powering the world - and improving the lives of others:

Health Care Services

Health insurance provider Independence Health Group has improved data privacy and security for individuals and families by deploying data masking capabilities. In turn, they’ve boosted customer loyalty, trust, and retention while helping protect their bottom line.


A top-tier higher education school, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, adopted a Cloud integration solution enabling them to expand their offerings of online classes. To do so, they reduced development time up to 50-60%, enabling UNC to deploy new web services into production approximately 4x faster.


The insurance industry constantly feels the pressure to protect data, and Employers Mutual Casualty Insurance acted by deploying an AI-driven data privacy and protection solution. By doing so, they now have holistic visibility into all of their sensitive data, while continuously and accurately measuring compliance.


As a leader in the rental car market, Avis Budget Group realizes the value of using informed data. By utilizing many components of an intelligent data platform including big data management, data governance and data catalog, they’ve connected a massive fleet of 650,000+ vehicles in real time to provide an outstanding customer service experience. The complete global view has enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and driven revenue growth.


With the motivation to keep information readily available to their customers, Home Point Financial has used an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution to streamline the delivery and integration of important data. By doing so, they’ve saved on investing in human resources, delivering great cost savings.


European hardware store, Hubo, is using a master data-fueled product information management solution to deliver a 360 degree view of the latest product information from suppliers. With their solution in place, they’ve scaled their SKU’s from 50,000 to over a million, and they’re onboarding new products and suppliers 10x faster than before.

It’s a true privilege to help tell the data-driven transformation stories of our customers, and I must add – the customers I shared here only represent a fraction of successful Informatica customers. Not only do our customers motivate us every day with their success, but they’ve notably transformed their own businesses by unleashing the power of their data. If you’d like to learn more from a wide variety of our customers who have shared their story for your benefit, check out the Customer Success Stories page on our website!

First Published: Sep 25, 2019