Partnering for Digital Transformation? Maximize Value with Collaborative Partnerships

Last Published: Feb 22, 2023 |
Ron Long
Ron Long

Director, GSI Product Marketing

digital collaboration enabled by Informatica

“Enterprise businesses will have 83% of their workloads in the cloud by the end of 2020” (Source: Forbes). This digital transformation journey continues to accelerate in the current environment, as enterprises consider their strategies post pandemic. Enterprise businesses are taking advantage of the acceleration and scale offered by cloud providers to maximize the value of their existing investments as they move to the cloud.  Every application is driven by a business process that has a digital component and many are completely digital.    

Enterprise businesses are turning to their established partners such as global system integrators (GSIs), technology companies, and cloud providers to bring them integrated solutions. No one vendor or provider can do this alone.

Two-Way Partnerships

Partnerships are part of normal business collaboration

Partnerships are a part of normal business collaboration.  Two-way partnerships between GSIs, cloud providers, and technology companies formed to address digital transformation.  Many two-way partnerships are active in the market right now. For example, collaborative partnerships among GSIs and cloud providers include Accenture Google Business GroupCapgemini Azure Initiative, and Deloitte on AWS

Additionally, technology companies are collaborating with cloud providers such as SAP on GoogleSAP on AWS, and SAP on Azure.  Additionally, emerging technology companies are partnering with cloud providers such as Snowflake on Google , Snowflake on AWS, and Snowflake on Azure.  These partnerships set the stage for cloud business migration while preserving legacy investments and leveraging new data analytic capabilities. 

Typical two-way partnerships include:

  • GSI and cloud provider
  • Technology company and cloud provider
  • GSI and technology company

Digital Transformation Evolves Beyond Two-Way Partnerships

As enterprise businesses move to full digital data transformation, they need the ability to access, curate, catalog, ingest, automate, and learn from their data assets to make effective data driven decisions.  Single or multiple disconnected big data repositories, cloud infrastructure providers and applications alone are not the answer anymore.

Enterprises need multiple collaborative partnerships to effectively adapt and scale their digital transformation initiatives.  What is needed now is an acceleration platform that enables multi-partner collaboration with established integrations and partnerships with leading digital transformation providers.   This acceleration platform needs to:

  1. Have data quality, cataloging, integrity, and security built in
  2. Be cloud-native to run on any cloud platform, or across multiple cloud providers
  3. Be built on AI/ML as a foundation
  4. Have APIs for service integration and business process integration

These capabilities are essential for businesses evolving to Data 4.0 – where AI and ML power intelligent data management for true digital transformation.

Intelligent Data Management – the Next Level of Partnership

For true digital transformation, enterprises need to add intelligent data management to their collaborative partnerships. Enter Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform

For true digital transformation, enterprises need to add intelligent data management to their collaborative partnerships.

The platform is cloud first and cloud native.  It provides a zero-code approach; handles any data type, pattern, or latency; and is based on a rock-solid security and data quality foundation with AI/ML embedded inside. 

Informatica has established strategic partnerships with GSIs, leading cloud providers, and technology providers.  Informatica has years of established integration expertise with legacy and emerging technology providers. The Informatica Intelligent Data platform makes digital transformation a reality for true Data 4.0 Digital Collaboration.

Enterprise businesses are embracing this trend and the partners are responding with multi-partner collaborations such as the Deloitte | Snowflake | AWS solution enabled by Informatica.  This multi-partner collaborative offer brings together Deloitte’s AI and analytics expertise, coupled with Snowflake’s Data Analytics Cloud platform, running on Amazon Web Services.  This “Data Disruption Solution” helps enterprise businesses take advantage of cloud modernization to accelerate time to value in making data-driven decisions for their businesses. As a result, they’re able to rapidly accelerate digital transformation.

Data 4.0 - digital collaboration data disruption with Informatica

In 2021 and beyond, Data 4.0 digital collaboration partnerships will be powered by Informatica.

Learn more about Informatica’s cloud and GSI partnerships.

First Published: Dec 07, 2020