Powering Customer Experience with Salesforce and Informatica

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Doug Louie
Doug Louie

Director, Product Marketing – SaaS Applications

powering customer experience


Sales, marketing, and customer service leaders have been in a race to provide the best possible customer experience ever since they learned how much it can help drive revenue. The decision-making needed to successfully accomplish this requires speedy access to good, clean data. For many companies, that data starts with Salesforce. The cornerstone for providing an excellent customer experience, customer data is perhaps the single most valuable asset a company has. However, it can be challenging to manage the explosive growth of data, as well as to ensure that data is accurate and accessible to those who need it.

Delivering In-Depth Market and Client Insights

Carbonite, a leading provider of cloud and hybrid data protection solutions that fuel business continuity for small and midsize organizations, wanted to triple the amount of data they used in Salesforce. The company supports more than 1.5 million individuals and small businesses worldwide by ensuring their important data is protected, available, and useful. As a rapidly growing business, Carbonite planned to use the increased amount of Salesforce data to power analytics initiatives that would accelerate decision-making by sales, marketing, and services teams; support rapid business growth with access to trusted information at every touch; and deliver exceptional, responsive customer support during every engagement.

In order to get the analytics their sales and marketing operations teams so desperately needed, Carbonite had to manage the integration of their Microsoft SQL server data warehouse and Salesforce. Unfortunately, they were hampered by an ineffective cloud platform system that was slow and resulted in an excessive number of integration errors, which further delayed their ability to leverage the data. Carbonite replaced their cloud platform with Informatica Cloud Application Integration and saw immediate benefits from their ability to automate workflows. Business and IT users could now connect data from any source and deliver in-depth market and client insights.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this newfound data access was Carbonite’s customer support team. Tasked with providing support to their subscriber and trial user base, the customer support team relied on Salesforce Service Cloud. Prior to using Informatica Cloud Application Integration, support agents would have to log into multiple systems alongside Service Cloud, then manually copy and paste data between systems, which increased responses times as well as the likelihood of errors.

 “This new workflow shaves at least 10 to 20 seconds off the individual case creation time. Our 220 agents are creating hundreds of cases every day, so the savings in time, money, and headcount is dramatic. We have also eliminated data quality errors which used to occur during the copy/ paste stage. Best of all, this Informatica solution has helped us invest in current employees and training/resources rather than headcount to support manual processes.”

- Robert Frost, Vice President of Customer Support, Carbonite

Boosting the Adoption of Service Cloud

The improved workflow also helped grow the adoption of Service Cloud. Previously, it was fairly cumbersome for the service agent to have to “swivel-chair” between multiple systems to serve their customers. By removing the manual effort previously required, Informatica Cloud Application Integration helped to spur more adoption of Service Cloud amongst the support team.

Carbonite’s marketers also loved Informatica. Using Informatica Cloud Application Integration, Carbonite could now integrate marketing data into Salesforce. This allowed sales and support teams to have a 360-degree view of the campaign history surrounding each customer.

To learn more about Carbonite’s success with Informatica, read the full customer story.

If you would like to learn more about how Carbonite is automating the sales process, be sure to check out our upcoming webinar: “Carbonite Uses Salesforce, Tableau, and Informatica iPaaS to Automate Sales.” 

Justin Brien will review how Carbonite uses APIs to extract the library of their assets and a web app to allow them to search for any metadata within any Salesforce field. Carbonite has also implemented Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for customer orders using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services B2B Gateway. Customer trials are now completely automated with IICS’s Cloud Application Integration.

First Published: Jun 24, 2020