Salesforce Connector

Award-winning Salesforce connectivity lets you give users access to the data they need, when they need it.

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Sales-Cloud-to-back-office integration

Informatica Cloud’s Salesforce connectivity lets you integrate on-premise systems, SaaS applications, and enterprise databases. Synchronize your Sales Cloud front office with your back-office, on-premise, operational data stores (e.g., Salesforce to SAP) to accelerate sales momentum, increase agility, and reduce operating costs (e.g., Siebel to Salesforce).

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Closed-loop Service Cloud

Build customer loyalty and deliver exemplary customer service by unifying your customer data. Integrate all of your customer data across Service Cloud, mobile, and on-premise environments to close the loop and become a true customer-centric company.

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Salesforce analytics

Better decision-making depends on accurate analytics and insightful business intelligence. Replicate data from your Salesforce orgs and aggregate it with multiple data sources to build a reliable enterprise data warehouse. To understand your customers like never before, learn more about Salesforce Cloud Analytics.

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Custom Salesforce apps

Applications built on can become isolated silos of unusable data. Extend your custom applications to become “data-aware” by connecting them to other cloud or on-premise data sources.

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