Why Informatica’s Binding Corporate Rules Are Good News for Informatica MDM Cloud Customers

Last Published: Mar 11, 2024 |
Lesley Hanly
Lesley Hanly

VP, Product Management, MDM and Customer 360 SaaS

In December 2023, Informatica announced that our Controller and Processor Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) were approved by the European Data Protection Board and incorporated into our operations. BCRs are commitments to a set of data protection policies to govern the transfer of personal data outside the European Union (EU) within an enterprise.
This is especially good news for Informatica master data management (MDM) cloud customers. MDM handles some of the most sensitive data within your organization — including personal data and sometimes even Personal Health Information (PHI) — pertaining to the people with whom your organization does business. If you have data sources worldwide that you need to pull into a central MDM cloud system, then you need your MDM cloud service provider to have the most rigorous and trustworthy processes for managing data transfers.
Knowing that our many global customers need this level of trust, Informatica worked with. Informatica customers can rely on the Processor BCRs for the transfer of their data and can be confident that:

  1. Their data will be protected in accordance with practices vetted by the European data protection supervisory authorities.
  2. These data transfers have some of the strongest protections currently available against changes in European law that may require other types of transfers to stop on short notice, such as those under the recently approved EU-US Data Privacy Framework. 
  3. Doing business with Informatica may be simpler going forward because the BCRs may eliminate the need for more complex contractual provisions and enforcement mechanisms.

Depending on your contract with Informatica, your data transfers may have already been switched to the BCRs, or they may require a separate amendment. Reach out to privacy@informatica.com with any questions about these BCRs.
As part of the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), we offer the first cloud-native, all-in-one platform for modern MDM. We are also leading the way among MDM software vendors with our approach to data protection . Learn more about our MDM services here.

First Published: Mar 10, 2024