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Organizations are transforming with Cloud Modernization, Big Data, Customer Centricity and Data Governance.  The foundation for these initiatives is critical business data, that allows organizations to deliver faster, more effective services and products for their customers.  But, managing and controlling this data is key to business continuity and the management of business risk.

First, most have limited intelligence of their customer data, its location, risk, and proliferation; moreover, they do not understand who is accessing the data, how it is protected and if there is suspicious use or access.  Organizations need this intelligence to guide security, compliance and governance investments and decisions. Additionally, they can not ascertain compliance without understanding the risk of their regulated data; they need to track regulation compliance risk and automate its remediation.

In addition, despite the investment of billions of dollars for information security and governance, organizations struggle to understand and protect their most valuable assets: confidential and sensitive data.

Understanding sensitive data risk is key. Data risk analysis includes discovering, identifying, and classifying it, so data stewards can take tactical and strategic steps to ensure data is safe. 

c09-security-people According to the Ponemon Institute, only 25% of companies monitor access & activity of sensitive data.

Compliance risk

When General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) becomes law on May 25th, 2018, organizations can face significant penalties of up to 4% of their annual revenue.  GDPR will force organizations to understand their data privacy risks and take the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized disclosure of consumers’ private information.

Research cites conditions that will continue to challenge organizations in safeguarding their data and will also increase their responsibility for safeguarding their information

  • Breaches continue to grow year over year (38%, PWC)
  • Intellectual property thefts show significant growth (56%, PWC)
  • Cost of data breaches is continually growing ($4M per incident, Ponemon)
  • New privacy regulations (General Data Protection Act—GDPR)
  • Boards are holding CEOs and executives responsible for breaches (NYSE survey)

With these conditions, organizations must have a complete understanding of their sensitive data and its risk to ensure compliance with policies and privacy laws, and organizations should monitor suspicious activity, unauthorized data access or transfers and remediate with security controls, alerts or notifications.    

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