Reverse Phone and Address Append

Enhance your customer contact database by filling in missing data.


Save time, increase satisfaction, and improve data quality across your organization by appending information instantly wherever you collect or store customer data. 

Append data anywhere

Apply reverse phone and address append at point-of-sale, call centers, webforms, and other customer communication points, which reduces keystrokes, customer wait times, online shopping-cart checkout times, and data entry inaccuracies. Gain new insight into your legacy data by adding mobile numbers to encourage opt-in from your customers for SMS Mobile Messaging or a new direct mail marketing campaign. You can implement Reverse Phone and Address Append anywhere. No software updates are required, and there’s very little IT involvement or management needed.

Improve lead quality

Whether you are in sales or in marketing, there is one common enemy – poor quality leads. Just when you think you have a hot lead you go to call them and realize that you are missing their phone number. With Informatica’s Reverse Phone and Address Append, this problem no longer exists. Simply append this missing information and enrich your database with the latest contact data for a lead for a higher likelihood of conversion.


Flexible solutions to fit your needs and budget

Provide a phone number or a postal address and we’ll instantly append the missing data. Millions of business and consumer contact data records are available to append to your own data. Our advanced version offers harder-to-find data for 21 million business contacts and 280 million consumer contacts. The advanced version adds more value to your data by providing contacts’ mobile and VOIP phone numbers.

Customer Success Stories


GuideSpark uses Informatica Data as a Service Email Verification Plus Hygiene to improve database health, cleanse email address quality, and ensure it minimizes the risk of falling into spam traps.

Great American Opportunities

Fundraising Giant Great American Opportunities Improves Customer Satisfaction with Email Verification


Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene helping RingCentral nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers

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