Test Data Generation

Automate the creation of test data when production data is not available or data privacy cannot be secured in test and development environments.

Facilitate the creation of production quality data that has referential integrity for application testing.

Test Data Generation allows testers to create complex data sets based on rules and constraints.

Global rule generation

Global rules provide the definition and specifications for record creation. These include standard and custom rules that allow for random, set of values, dictionary, or sequence rules, and for rules that are created during assignment.  

Constraint definitions

With Test Data Generation, constraints can be defined to allow for relationships such as row and column or on conditions such as date.

Generating entities

Test Data Generation can generate parent and child data in multiple configurations and relationships, with data rows configured by the parent-child ratios. For example:

  • Generate Entity
    • Generate 12 rows
    • Minimum number of children = 2
    • Maximum number of children = 4
  • Customer is the driving table
    • 12 customers
    • 35 interactions (24-48 interactions possible)
Generation rules

Test Data Generation also supports creating rules during assignment, including expressions, reference lookups, and effective dates.

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