Accelerate Data Pipelines for AI and Analytics
with Informatica and Databricks

Make it easier to ingest and prepare data for analytics and machine
learning—so you can realize more of its value, faster.


Intelligent Data Ingestion

Data ingestion using Informatica Cloud Data Integration into a Databricks Delta Lake enables intelligent ingestion of high volumes of data from multiple hybrid sources into a data lake. Delta Lake automatically provides high reliability and performance.

Next-Gen Data Integration

Make it easier to create high-volume data pipelines for data at scale. Drag-and-drop pipelines created with Informatica Big Data Management can be pushed down to Databricks for processing in an optimized Apache Spark implementation.

Data Discovery and Lineage

With the right datasets, data scientists can build more accurate models and verify the lineage of data used to create AI models and fuel analytics. End-to-end lineage also addresses compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

“Seamless integration between Databricks and Informatica enables data engineers to easily discover the right datasets and ingest high volumes of data from multiple sources into Delta Lakes. This means joint customers can use the reliability and performance at scale from Databricks to make data ready for analytics and machine learning–and get intelligent governance to find, track and audit that data from end to end.”

— Ali Ghodsi, Co-founder & CEO, Databricks 

Successful Analytics and Machine Learning Initiatives Depend On Trusted Data Pipelines

Hear from Anil Chakravarthy, CEO of Informatica, and Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks, as they share the stage at Informatica World 2019 and discuss how our partnership accelerates building of intelligent data pipelines.

Getting Started with Informatica and Databricks

Find out how you can accelerate your AI and analytics initiatives.

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