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Modernize your approach to application integration

Accelerate your business, drive innovation, and create efficiencies by intelligently connecting any app, any data, anywhere, at any speed.


Cloud Application Integration: Key features

Automate business processes, accelerate transactions, and fuel real-time analytics.

Single-canvas design tool
Use one tool for API creation, event generation and handling, real-time data integration, and process integration and automation.
API implementation platform
Publishing a process auto-generates REST, OData, or SOAP APIs. No need to worry about protocol details.
Data at any latency
Use Informatica Cloud Integration Hub to propagate data at subscribers’ preferred latency and formats.
Built-in data providers
Enable your database with OData v4 with a single click; also expose it as a fully-fledged REST API-enabled database.
Code-less service connectors
Develop REST and SOAP service API-based “service connectors” by leveraging definitions on a GitHub repository.
Event-driven architecture
Easily integrate message- and event-based systems, queues, and topics with support for top tools.


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“We haven’t come across any database, SAAS provider, real-time APIs, or any technology that wouldn’t work out of the box with IICS.”

Sales Analyst

Manufacturing Industry


Build your API-first strategy

Our ability to connect any application to any data means you can support any type of API to automate business processes.

  • Event-Based Integration & APIs
  • Process Integration and APIs
  • Improve API management
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Event-Based Integration & APIs
Process Integration and APIs
Improve API management

Enhance agility by publishing events across apps in real-time using APIs

Connect to a wide range of applications (and any API) and integrate in real-time with APIs, messaging, and pub/sub support—no coding required.

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API management tools help Braskem save precious time and momentum in their digital transformation.

Streamline workflows with interactive data access

Automate user processes and business functions that span on-premises and cloud apps to save time and effort; expose and monitor process APIs via API & Event Management.

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Consistently and reliably deliver data, process, and event services as APIs

Create business, composite, and data services, and make your APIs easily discoverable and expose them to partners to promote their use.

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Cloud integration helps nCino reduce loan origination and closing time for banks by 34%..


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Modernize your data architecture with our cloud integration products

API Center

Use AI to streamline the lifecycle management of your APIs from creation to retirement

Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high performance, multi-cloud data integration at scale

Cloud B2B Gateway

Onboard B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud.

Cloud Integration Hub

Streamline complex data integration environments and ensure better data consistency.

Cloud Data Ingestion and Replication

Efficiently ingest databases, files and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.

Cloud Data Management: Data Lakes, Lakehouses and Warehouses

Intelligent, automated cloud lakehouse data management helps you scale, boost productivity, and lower risk in cloud data warehouse and data lake projects.

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