Cloud Application Integration

Reimagine your data, API, and app integration in a multi-cloud and hybrid world.


Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI) automates business processes, accelerates transactions, and fuels real-time analytics by integrating applications running on Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, as well as on-premises applications, services, and messaging systems.

Modernize your data, API, and application integration

The Informatica Cloud Application Integration service is built on a modular, agile microservices architecture that supports multiple new and unique integration patterns such as migration from on-premises to cloud, real-time data integration, real-time/B2B application integration, process orchestration, data synchronization and replication, and more. It leverages the CLAIRE engine to provide AI-metadata driven recommendations to automate and accelerate data, API, and application integration.

Implement processes and APIs without code

Build your integration applications and APIs with Informatica’s integrated design environment. You can combine and orchestrate real-time data or services from cloud applications, such as Salesforce or Workday, with on-premises data sources like Oracle or SAP, or API-based REST (XML or JSON), and SOAP services—even if they reside outside corporate firewalls. You can develop various classes of APIs such as application, data service, or data set APIs. No code is required. When you're ready to expose your APIs to partners, customers, or within the enterprise, use the built-in API gateway to secure and monitor your REST, OData, and SOAP application and data APIs.


Automatically guide end users

Many organizations implement Salesforce in their call centers but soon realize that they need access to data outside of Salesforce. With API and Application Integration Guides, users such as call-center agents are guided through their various call scripts while accessing data from other systems (including on-premises and cloud-based systems). All data related to each call is recorded automatically and accurately to Salesforce or external systems as needed. Developers, citizen integrators, or business analysts create guides at design time, without technical expertise or formal training. A screen step for end users to interact with back-end applications and to access, review, or update data can be defined with a few clicks—no coding required.

Assemble applications with rich connectivity

Choose from more than 150 out-of-the-box connectors or join hundreds of customers who have configured over 6,000 custom connectors to integrate data sets, applications, and services anywhere: in the cloud or on-premises. Build your data APIs using sophisticated data integration capabilities such as synchronization, replication, transformation, and mass ingestion.

Develop a custom connector in 30 seconds

Have a custom API-based application for which there is no off-the-shelf connector? Informatica Cloud Application
Integration provides a way to define custom service connectors. You can create “connectors on the fly” by either importing a
WSDL/Swagger document or creating it manually in a web form. It takes just a few clicks to create connectivity
that behaves like the native connectors.

Automate long-running, real-time processes

Important business processes that span cloud and on-premises assets, applications, and data services, such as discount approval, order-to-cash, or service-call resolution, can take days or weeks to complete and involve complex interactions between systems and human workflows. Automate your data ingestion, data propagation, and business processes using Informatica CAI’s sophisticated orchestration capabilities.

Support your DevOps practices

You can easily enable your DevOps practices using CAI’s project/folder/asset export and import function, which facilitates continuous delivery through automation with external version control systems, releases, and deployment pipelines.


Integrate on-premises and cloud messaging systems

Integrate your existing queuing and pub/sub messaging systems with a variety of messaging systems including JMS, AMQP, AWS SNS/SQS, and Microsoft Azure Messaging. When you’re ready, you can phase out your ESB and replace its functions with Informatica’s CAI service, which will provide you with much broader integration and hybrid capabilities.

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