Cloud Data Masking: Safeguarding data privacy

Meet compliance goals for safe data handling and allow trusted use through data security governance.

Protect critical data with anonymization

De-identify sensitive information to make it safe for use in testing and development, data analytics, customer experience programs, supply chains and more.

Support data privacy
Use flexible, data-centric security across all your complex computing environments.
Expand data security
Protect data as part of a complete, cloud-native data governance and privacy solution.
Trust your data
Retain data context and referential integrity to increase secure and compliant use.

Mask personal and sensitive data

Protect your data using masking based on user roles, uses and locations.

High-performance data masking
Centrally manage and scale masking for large data volumes across datastores and locations.

Robust data masking and encryption
Use structural rules such as substitution, FPE, blurring, sequential and randomization.

Broad connectivity and custom app support
Mask data across formats and support a range of databases, mainframes and applications.

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Uncover six steps to intelligent data privacy

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Start unleashing your company’s data value

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