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Learn how to address your application integration and business process automation challenges.
Find out about Informatica's application modernization solutions.
See how other enterprise architects are leveraging Informatica’s application modernization solutions.
Evaluate Informatica’s application modernization solutions.

Learn About Application Modernization


3 Keys to Fast, Successful App Modernization
What is application modernization? Find out in this 60-second video.


Accelerate Your DX Initiatives with App Mod
Accelerate digital transformation by unlocking the power of application modernization. Get tips in this infographic.

Modernize Legacy Applications in the Cloud
Are legacy applications and processes holding you back? Read this ebook to gain the business agility you need.

Next-Gen iPaaS For Dummies
Looking for an iPaaS flexible enough to handle any environment or use case? Discover key attributes of a next-gen iPaaS solution.

How Enterprise Architects Use Informatica App Modernization Solutions

Unleashing the Power of Data
Explore success stories showcasing innovation in app modernization.


National Interstate Insurance’s Video
See how National Interstate Insurance uses Informatica to build composable enterprise architecture.

Reitmans Success Story
Read how Reitmans connects all the appls along the customer journey.

Learn About Our App Modernization Solutions

Nucleus Research ROI Guide: Informatica iPaaS
Read about the benefits customers realize with Informatica iPaaS, including payback period, ROI and more.


Integrate and modernize apps with Informatica
Watch the webinar to learn how to connect and integrate all your apps using the cloud-native Informatica solution.

Accelerate Digital Transformation
Drive agility and competitive advantage by assembling and connecting apps with unprecedented speed.

Cloud Application Integration Data Sheet
Explore success stories showcasing innovation in app modernization.

Evaluate Informatica App Modernization Solutions

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