Build trust with end-to-end data lineage

Automate data lineage with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog to understand your data's journey.

Gain complete visibility into your data

Visualize data lineage and discover underlying relationships to improve data literacy and trustworthiness across your organization.

Increase data trust
Understand and increase confidence in data that fuels analytics and AI.
Improve transparency
Enable impact analysis and drive effective change management.
Mitigate your risk
Comply with regulatory mandates with extensive lineage for reporting.

Automate end-to-end data lineage

Accelerate data-driven decision-making with increased transparency.

Automatically extract lineage
Get detailed and summary views of data movement across data pipelines.

Parse code to view data transformations
Derive lineage from code in SQL scripts, stored procedures and AI/ML code.

Report on impact analysis
Track data flow from system- to column-level for detailed impact analysis.

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AI-Powered Data Lineage

Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Improve Data Trust with End-to-End Data Lineage in Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

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