B2B Data Exchange

Securely integrate any data from external sources or trading partners with complete end-to-end visibility.


Key Features

Securely integrate any data from externaldata sources or trading partners withcomplete end-to-end visibility.

Advanced data transformation

Enables integration for any data format from industry standards, to complex XML, to unstructured data

Powerful Partner Management

Business-friendly user interface with configurable drop-down menus makes adding new partners fast and seamless

Business Activity Monitoring

Provides visibility into B2B data integration, insight into content at each step, and ability to capture metadata

Prepackaged Industry Format Standards

Maintained libraries for industry-specific data format standards for banking, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing

Self-Service Partner Portal

Enables external partners with self-service file tracking and monitoring of their exchanges


Find out how to successfully implement and manage complex data exchange activities.

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Add-On Packages

Managed File Transfer

Secure and guaranteed file transfers through a vast number of supported communications protocols, including web services.

EDI Gateway

Modernize your gateway to meet evolving business needs. Support EDI and more in one comprehensive solution.

Data Exchange for Data Aggregators

Provides a complete integration platform to acquire any kind of data, validate it, and make it usable in near real-time.

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