Informatica Data Privacy Management

Discover, analyze, and remediate data risk with automated controls.


Key Features

Operationalize data privacy with metadata-driven intelligence and automation to create a data inventory and map identities; accelerate response to subject rights requests; and remediate incidents with data protection, consent management, and third-party integration.

Enterprise transparency into sensitive data for risk visibility

Automates data discovery and classification of personal and sensitive data by analyzing values across fields and metadata in targeted database sources.

Intelligent policy over sensitive data

Creates simple to complex rules that analyze multiple data domains that would trigger privacy policy compliance violations across available data resources and types.

Data subject registry for data owner insights

Allows you to build a subject registry based on metadata-driven intelligence, automate identity mapping, and delegate privacy-related tasks to stakeholders to accelerate compliance response time

Reporting for data subjects and privacy incidents

Provides advanced subject data reporting with summary and detailed templates and multiple formats, including APIs to third-party solutions and controls for objects (purpose, category, residency, legal hold, etc.); breach impact reporting; request history; and more.

Risk analysis

Determines the level of sensitive data risk with multi-factor risk scoring including protection status, data volume, user access, activity, location, data cost, classification, and proliferation.

Sensitive data proliferation insights

Provides insight into where sensitive data resides and where it’s being moved or replicated to other data stores and to cloud applications.

Dashboard, visualizations, and alerts

Delivers a rich array of dashboard drill-downs to provide enterprise visibility into data risk and relationships.

Orchestration and simulation of data protection

Automates risk remediation by priority and enables alerts for data access activity. Risk simulation enables impact assessment before implementing privacy controls.


M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Informatica empowered scientific and clinical collaboration at this renowned cancer center by turning data into knowledge and facilitating self-service business intelligence.

EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance utilizes Informatica Data Privacy Management for a full scope of visibility into sensitive data

Hot Telecommunications

Hot Telecommunication quickly gained compliance with regulations and accelerated development of telecom solutions

Awards and Recognition

Informatica won two Info Security Products Guide 2018 Gold Awards and three 2018 Silver Awards for excellence in multiple data security categories.


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