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Leading Austrian telco Magenta Telekom is migrating its data management and governance from PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) to achieve new levels of speed, reliability, and performance for its IT services. The transformation will improve data-driven decision-making across the business, powering operational excellence and delivering new levels of insights for customer sales and retention.

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“Business Intelligence hinges on the health of your data environment”

Rade Vukadinovic

Head of Data Warehouse team at Magenta Telekom
Building a healthy data environment

Building a healthy data environment

With the fastest broadband internet (Ookla® Speedtest Awards™ 2022) and the most gigabit connections in Austria, Magenta Telekom (Magenta) is an industry leader in both performance and size. But in the competitive world of telecommunications—where choice is plentiful, and churn is high—delivering exceptional customer experiences relies on more than just speed and quantity. That’s why Magenta, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, makes continuous innovation a priority.

This drive for excellence begins with Magenta’s internal operations, particularly the data environment that underpins critical decision-making. Company’s data and insights team is responsible for bringing new information to key business stakeholders, helping them shape Magenta’s strategic KPIs and build a data-driven culture across the organization.

“Business Intelligence hinges on the health of your data environment,” says Rade Vukadinovic – Head of Data Warehouse team at Magenta Telekom. “Our job is to monitor the pulse of our organization to ensure all data processes are running at peak performance, and that requires us to have visibility across six departments in a central location.”

For years, Magenta used Informatica PowerCenter as the integration platform for its data warehouse, big data systems, solution design, requirement engineering, data architecture, and data governance departments. The company is now migrating from on-premises to cloud-native data management platform - Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) - in pursuit of enhanced data quality, performance, and governance. Magenta’s migration was also motivated by an upgrade from its previous on-premises database to Oracle 19c, which IDMC supports.

“Our decision was easy. Informatica already had a deep understanding of our business, IDMC ticked every box for our business goals, and the migration would be largely automated, which meant we could move quickly to meet our deadline.”

Rade Vukadinovic

Head of Data Warehouse team at Magenta Telekom

Migrating 5,000 data flows in record time

Vukadinovic had a strict deadline to migrate PowerCenter mappings to the new platform. Once again, speed, performance, and reliability were of the essence. With just six months to complete the project and 5,000 data flows to migrate to the cloud, Magenta had two options for its implementation.

It could set up a new data integration platform with a different vendor, which would require adopting new technologies and training employees to work with a new interface. Or, it could simply migrate to IDMC with Migration Factory, which promised a simple, seamless and, most importantly, rapid transition.

“Our decision was easy. Informatica already had a deep understanding of our business, IDMC ticked every box for our business goals, and the migration would be largely automated, which meant we could move quickly to meet our deadline” says Vukadinovic.

Migrating 5,000 data flows in record time

The automated mapping conversions in Migration Factory spared Vukadinovic and his team from hours of manual effort. Not only did this save valuable time and energy, it also helped the Magenta team keep migration costs in check while working at speed.

Hitting KPIs with data-driven decisions

Hitting KPIs with data-driven decisions

As part of its migration, Magenta laid out a roadmap of 20 data-driven initiatives to bring to market once IDMC is live, with more to come. The cloud-based platform will sit at the center of Magenta’s ambitious business transformation, promising to improve data processing, accelerate time to market for new data-driven services, and reduce its IT infrastructure costs.

Additionally, Magenta will be able to modernize its business processes by improving the quality of its data and democratizing access for stakeholders. Vukadinovic’s team will work with departments across the organization—from sales and finance to network operations and Magenta’s B2B business—to bring new projects to life and help them hit their KPIs with data-driven decision-making.

Magenta is lazer-focused on active customer care through the continuous improvement of its service quality. For example, with a real-time view into network activity or maintenance, the business will be able to alert customers of potential service disruptions ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

“It’s the little things, like giving customers a heads up when they can expect service issues, that show we are thinking of them and helps us to build strong, lasting relationships,” says Vukadinovic.

Magenta’s finance department will also rely on IDMC to accelerate the data processes behind its financial reporting. Magenta’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, has a highly structured format for financial reports, and the ability to accurately track revenue and performance is essential to meeting those requirements and highlighting the business’ successes.

Better quality, better governance

The enhancements Magenta has made to its data management and quality will also strengthen its data governance, a primary focus for the business and its customers. Data protection is also guaranteed: “We take privacy and security very seriously. Every data analysis, report, and solution we develop needs to be validated for GDPR compliance by our legal and security teams,” says Vukadinovic and continues: “With Informatica, we’ve gained the visibility and control over our data to meet the regulatory requirements.”

Better quality, better governance
Embracing a data-driven culture

Embracing a data-driven culture

Reducing the complexity of its data environment, including the elimination of obsolete data, is also part of Magenta’s mission. By centralizing its data management on IDMC, the business is on track to meet this goal while making its operations leaner, more cost-effective, and more user-friendly.

Indeed, ease of use was another selling point for Magenta when evaluating integration platforms.

The design similarities between PowerCenter and IDMC will ensure a smooth transition for Magenta’s employees, who will be able to hit the ground running once the solution is live.

“The migration to IDMC is a pillar project for decision-making across our organization,” Vukadinovic says. “The work we are doing today promises a step-change in the way we inform and shape our business strategies and serve our customers.”

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