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Transform traditional iPaaS with advanced functionality for technical users and tools within reach of business users. 

How Towson University Uses Customer Experience to Grow Its Bottom Line

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A unified and modern user experience across all iPaaS patterns, supported by a meta-data driven, modular, artificial intelligence-based microservices architecture tailored for IT, developers, and business users.


Cloud Data Integration

Improve and simplify your data integration processes with comprehensive and easy-to-use capabilities and designers. Faster, highly scalable and high-performance data integration including simple and advanced transformations, optimized processing with push-down optimization, synchronization, replication, mass ingestion, and more, Cloud Data Integration is tailored for cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake. Increase productivity with easy-to-use wizards, preconfigured solution templates, and out-of-the-box mappings that seamlessly integrate high data volumes across cloud and on-premises. 

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Cloud Application Integration

Capitalize on easy-to-use API and service-oriented application integration to integrate data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications. Cloud Application Integration provides a unified development environment and breadth of functionality, guides, visual designers, and monitoring capabilities.   


Cloud B2B Gateway

Modernize your integration with external partners through state-of-the-art partner management and monitoring tools. Cloud B2B Gateway gives you all you need to expedite and simplify partner onboarding, with EDI processing and tracking, IoT integration, and preconfigured workflows based on the Claire™ Engine, Informatica’s metadata-driven artificial intelligence capability. Gain control of your B2B processes with Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway. 


API Management

Cloud API management and integration service capabilities provide you with the means to expose to your applications and partner’s RESTful APIs, RPC-based JSON or SOAP service APIs, OData data services, or messaging queues and topics, including API lifecycle management, and monitoring and debugging APIs with a simple process console. 


Cloud Integration Hub

Modernize complex data integrations by providing a better way to integrate multiple SaaS applications across cloud and on-premises. Cloud Integration Hub’s publish/subscribe system optimized for data integration enables better data consistency and trust, empowering business and IT teams to be more productive and collaborate seamlessly.

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Customer Success Stories

CA Technologies

Completed a Salesforce CRM migration in one third of the time and used fewer people than anticipated

Telegraph Media Group

Decreased operational issues from 70 percent to 30 percent of IT workload by using Informatica Cloud Integration

Chicago Cubs

From Big Win to Big Data: How Chicago Cubs Uses Informatica to Build Lifelong Fans

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