Test Data Generation

Automate and accelerate the creation of test data when copies of production data are incomplete, are unavailable, or cannot guarantee data privacy. 

Facilitates the on-demand creation of production quality data for application testing, allowing testers to rapidly create complex data sets based on business rules and constraints.

Data Generation Rules

Global rules provide the definition and specifications for record creation. These include standard, custom, and advanced rules that follow business logic encapsulated in the test data. Extensive set of generation rules that generate sets of values with user-defined distributions, random data, data that is dependent on other test data, or generation of data based on conditions.

Generating Entities

Informatica Test Data Generation can generate multiple tables together with ratios for parents and child records. It manages the foreign key references automatically.

Generation Rules

Informatica Test Data Generation also supports creating rules during assignment, including expressions, reference lookups, conditional rules and effective dates.