Identity Resolution & Management Software

Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness with highly accurate, multilanguage identity data.


Key Features

Highly scalable software that enables companies and government organizations to search for and match identity data.

Smart indexing and key building

Uses key-building algorithms in identity resolution to overcome unavoidable variations in identity data

High-performance, real-time search

Uses prebuilt and customizable search strategies to balance performance and comprehensiveness of search

Multilanguage identity data match

Obtains accurate identity record matches, regardless of country, language, or character set

Ease of deployment and use

Readily embeds precise search and match capabilities via APIs into third-party or custom-built applications

Customer Success Stories

Cancer Council of New South Wales

The Cancer Council of New South Wales accurately identified patient records across 54 pathology laboratories

Queensland Police Service

The Queensland Police Service saved 79 years of manual merging time and more than $4.4 million in staff salaries

Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health freed resources to focus on research collaboration and new health reform initiatives

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