All about sports, Germany’s SportScheck is a highly successful multichannel equipment and clothing specialist that strives to deliver innovative concepts while providing customers with the best shopping experience possible. That’s a tall order that SportScheck can only carry out through modern systems landscapes and highly optimized processes. Each year, SportScheck’s website generates over 52 million hits, more than 1 million customers sign up for the company’s mail-order business, and 17 million plus customers visit its brick and mortar stores.

“Buying decisions are ultimately made online which is why SportScheck partnered with Informatica: to create a centralized location for all product information. The future lies in ecommerce, where providing both in-depth and broad information is the key to success.”

Alexander Pischetsrieder

Head of Organization and InfoManagement
Business Need
  • Improve customer service in all sales channels with perfect and centralized product data.
  • Ensure customers have complete, correct and reliable to make more informed online purchases and minimize order returns.
  • Provide customers the same pricing and promotions for all product information across all sales channels.
  • Increase customer loyalty and respond quickly to market needs.
  • Implement a true multichannel strategy to provide online customers the same service they receive in stores.
  • Deliver innovative, interactive shopping options to personalize the online shopping experience.
  • Reduce the number of returns and increase search-to-buy conversion rates by providing customers rich product information through high quality product images, video and supporting text.
Solutions & Results
  • Centralized the location for all product information across all sales channels to deliver the right information to the right customer at the right time.
  • Developed an agile system capable of interweaving different retail processes—automated product recommendations or instructions on how to return a product to a SportScheck branch—via centrally-managed attributes which help create a seamless customer experience.
  • Provided a professional search engine along with product comparison capability that together, add value to SportScheck’s ecommerce business approach.
  • Created a self-service portal that automatically assigns product data to the correct, corresponding image when images are uploaded directly to Informatica MDM – Product 360.
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Products & Services

Informatica MDM – Product 360

Combines product information management with robust capabilities in data integration and governance. As a single repository of all product data for distribution in all sales channels, Informatica MDM – Product 360 provides a cohesive, centralized platform for all channel commerce.

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