FinOps-Optimized Data Integration

Scale data integration and data engineering while lowering your costs with a code-free tool.

Reduce costs and increase performance

Discover a simple, unified way to optimize FinOps, boost productivity and scale performance.

Reduce your TCO

Efficiently deliver FinOps insights on data integration workloads and clusters.

Improve productivity

Help developers create data pipelines using an AI-powered, code-free experience.

Scale data engineering

Build pipelines fast with hundreds of high-performance, ready-to-go connectors.

Minimize your data integration costs

Use your cloud resources more efficiently with intelligence and automation.

Manage data engineering workloads
Operationalize FinOps and resources with auto-scaling capabilities.

Leverage AI-powered automation 
Increase data engineering productivity with CLAIRE, our AI-driven metadata engine.

Support mission-critical SLAs
Scale workloads with serverless capabilities to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

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Turn your raw data into actionable insights

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Your essential Data Integration resources

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White Paper

Power of FinOps: Monitor, Measure and Manage Cloud Costs

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Nucleus ROI Guidebook: Informatica Cloud Data Integration Services

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Optimize, Govern and Control Cloud Costs With FinOps-Powered Cloud Data Management

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Save on Cost Overruns Using FinOps-Powered Advanced Data Integration Services 

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Take control of cloud costs

Develop your data pipelines easily and cost-efficiently.

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