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Success Story

Bouwmaat pioneers a multichannel strategy in B2B construction with Informatica PIM

Success Story

Geiger used Informatica PIM to create a cohesive, centralized platform for omnichannel commerce

Success Story

Deployed Informatica PIM to bring a high quality, authoritative view of entire product portfolio and the relationships between them

Success Story

Standardized on Informatica to apply identity resolution to its diverse and complex sales records worldwide to obtain a full and accurate view of each customer.

  • A Road Map to Successful Customer Centricity in Financial Services

    This paper discusses three key areas of focus for delivering the right data to enable customer centricity in financial services: Master data management for authoritative customer information; data quality for trusted and accurate business information; and cross-channel data integration for service consistency.

  • Return on Investment of Product Data

    Results of a study conducted by Informatica and Stuttgart Media College on the various ways a Product Information Management system contributes to the goals of a business.

  • Bouwmaat

    Bouwmaat is considered one of the leading building materials dealers in the Netherlands. The company moved to a multichannel strategy that allows all customers to purchase products online. Success relies on optimized processes and product information management software that feeds up-to-date and well organized information on all products, from a single source, to all of the different sales channels.

  • Covéa

    Covéa Rebuilds Its Customer Reference Database with MDM Hub.

  • Etiqa

    Insurer Delivers a 360-Degree View of Customer Activity to Help Grow Its Business

  • The Future of Personalized Medicine

    UPMC is a world-class healthcare delivery provider, with more than 20 hospitals and 400 clinical locations, encompassing long-term care and senior living facilities, as well as a growing international and commercial segment. To develop their analytics platform,UPMC studied the market and chose vendors that had specific capabilities. UPMC chose Informatica chiefly for the end-to-end solution provided.