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Informatica is 6 for 6!
  • Informatica 9.6

    Informatica's platform helps you design for great data, everywhere and all the time

  • Taking Charge of Change

    Informatica's virtual data machine, or VIBE, is the only way to separate data integration instructions and specifications from the underlying execution technology. Learn how it, along with the complete Informatica platform, future-proofs your data integrations.

  • A Faster Path to Profit for Technology Solution Providers

    How providers can continue to bring new products and services to market in less time than ever by embedding market-leading data integration capabilities from another vendor into their offerings instead of building their own data integration functionality.

  • Informatica Chalk Talk: Driving Analytics Data Management Competence with Metadata

    The painful aspect of business analytics is preparing the data for your analysts, while all the love is given to the presentation layer. It is possible to turn data management into an advantage so that you can better serve the business. It’s all about investing in metadata management. Data management expert David Lyle explains all.

  • Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data

    This demo shows how Vibe Data Stream for machine data provides the ability to perform high volume, high velocity and high speed streaming of data into Hadoop or a NoSQL database like Cassandra. With the Informatica Vibe “Map Once, Deploy Anywhere”, you can extract your data from anywhere and deploy it anywhere without any recoding.

  • Sohaib Abbasi Keynote: Informatica World 2015

    On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, Informatica World held a general session. This video contains the keynote by Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Informatica. In this keynote, Abbasi described how disruptive technology changes including: hybrid cloud integration, internet of master data, next generation data preparation and data security, turn into opportunities for Informatica customers. Abbasi showcased how the Informatica Platform, through offering including: Project Sonoma, Informatica Secure@Source and Informatica Rev, will integrate, prepare, master and secure data in the Age of Engagement.

  • Hybrid Integration

    This demo shows two examples of the Informatica Vibe Virtual Data Machine’s “Map Once, Deploy Anywhere” capabilities – in the cloud and on-premise. You will see a mapping created in Informatica Cloud deployed in Informatica PowerCenter and then a mapping built in PowerCenter deployed in Informatica Cloud.