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Informatica is 6 for 6!
  • 365onDemand MDM for Developers

    Develop your core skills to configure the MDM Hub, configure the Informatica Data Director, and incorporate business process automation with ActiveVOS. This curriculum provides foundational and advanced knowledge through articles, courses, and reference materials as well as, hands on labs for concrete skills development.

  • 365onDemand - MDM Subscription - onDemand Subscription

    The 365onDemand - MDM Subscription allows access to different types of training, from product courses to videos featuring industry leaders. All subscription content is self-paced and combines all of the best-in-class training content for you to access at any time.

  • ActiveVOS: Fundamentals - onDemand

    Discover best practices and techniques needed to implement standards-based composite applications using ActiveVOS. Included in this review are the basic skills needed to design, develop, test, deploy, and monitor new business processes in ActiveVOS.

  • Customer 360 for Developers - Instructor Led

    Learn to deploy and configure Customer 360 for the strategic management and secure sharing of customer information. Gain the skills necessary to streamline customer information management with a single, trusted source of business-critical data for analytics and operations. This course is applicable to software versions 10x and on.

  • Identity Resolution: Administration - Public Classroom

    Discover the administration side of Informatica Identity Resolution systems consisting of maintenance, use and operations. Review the IIR installation, product overview, configuration, system creation, operations and basic tuning.

  • Informatica Business Transformation Toolkit BOST Orientation

    Informatica’s Introduction to BOST™ course provides an overview of the BOST approach to architecture-led planning. Intended for business, systems, and technology architects/planners, and their managers, interested in learning about the BOST approach and how it relates to their leadership responsibilities and for those who are about to participate in a BOST planning engagement.

  • Informatica Learning Library - onDemand Subscription

    Register for one year access to all onDemand training; Informatica’s catalog of self-paced classes that blend engaging multimedia and simulations that enable you to learn about using Informatica products, supplement your existing skills or download tips and tricks from our growing library. The purchase of this subscription includes 60 lab hours for exercises where you can practice lab exercises, keep your skills fresh or try out new ideas inspired from course learning.

  • MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration - Instructor Led

    Discover the skills necessary to configure a data model and business rules in Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) for a given data model and set of business rules. Through extensive hands-on labs and exercises, students to gain confidence in the use of MDM console. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • Master Data Management (MDM) 10.1: Multidomain Edition, New Features (onDemand eLearning)

    An overview of the major features that have been modified and added to Master Data Management (MDM) covering the changes beginning with 9.5 and up thru 10.1.The release of the MDM 10.0 and 10.1 included major additions to the functionality and improvements to the performance, these releases are treated separately and with more emphasis. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • Master Data Management (MDM) 10: New Features - onDemand

    This course introduces users who have an understanding of MDM 9.x to the new features of MDM v 10. Two key features are discussed in depth to include on-boarding data using the Informatica platform and Integrated Data Quality in MDM. This course is applicable to software version 10.

  • MDM: Configuring Informatica Data Director (onDemand)

    This course is an overview of the Master Data Management concept using the Informatica MDM Data Director tool. It will cover essential terminology and concepts used for developing the IDD applications which are necessary to understand what goes into an IDD implementation. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • MDM 10.1: Configuring Informatica Data Director - Instructor Led

    Evaluate the concept of Master Data Management using the Informatica MDM Data Director tool, and the essential terminologies/concepts used for developing the IDD applications. These concepts are necessary to understand what goes into an IDD implementation and introduces the users to the fundamental capabilities of the IDD user interface. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • MDM: Using Informatica Data Director

    This course provides business users, such as Data Stewards, with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the data in a master reference store using Informatica Business Data Director. This class is taught using a generic sample BDD Application and data model. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.

  • MDM 9.x: Configuring Hierarchy Manager - onDemand

    Designed to provide configuration specialist with the skills to configure entity objects, entity types, hierarchies, relationship base objects, relationship types, and profiles in the Hierarchy Manager.

  • MDM 9.x: Configuring Informatica Data Director - onDemand

    Become familiar with the essential terminology and concepts necessary to understand what goes into a IDD implementation. Walk through the Configuration Manager which is used to build IDD Applications and presented the steps needed to edit the configuration files necessary to customize the IDD user interface.

  • MDM 9.x: Multidomain Edition, Administration - Instructor Led

    Review how to administer the Master Data Management Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) by performing MDM Hub administration tasks consisting of maintenance and management tasks. Further included in this course are the steps to creating and maintaining a repository, managing security tasks, monitoring and troubleshooting the MDM Hub processes, message queues, and repositories and performance tuning.